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“LeBron James and Bronny, think you can handle this heat?”: Lakers’ legend Shaquille O’Neal challenges the King and Dwyane Wade in a father-son 2v2

Raahib Singh

"LeBron James and Bronny, think you can handle this heat?": Lakers' legend Shaquille O'Neal challenges the King and Dwyane Wade in a father-son 2v2

Lakers’ legend Shaquille O’Neal calls out LeBron James and Bronny, Dwyane Wade and Zaire, challenges them to 2v2 in a father-son duo

Being a celebrity isn’t easy. One is always in the spotlight, every step one takes, every decision one makes, it all gets highlighted. Being a child of a celebrity is no easy work as well. One does not get to have a simple childhood, and always having to look over your shoulder for paparazzi.

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Being a child of a star athlete is even harder. There are expectations from you, the second you are old enough to play the sport. Stars such as LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Shaquille O’Neal, who have sons playing basketball, can vouch for the same. Bronny James, Zaire Wade, and Shareef O’Neal have been in the spotlight ever since they started playing basketball. Recently, Shaq came across an image, which led him to challenge the King and the Flash.

Shaquille O’Neal challenges LeBron James and Dwyane Wade for a 2v2

Shaquille O’Neal retired from professional basketball back in 2011. It’s been a decade since Diesel has played competitive basketball. However, that does not stop him from challenging LeBron James and Dwyane Wade.

Shaq took it to his Instagram and shared a picture, which had LeBron and Bronny, Dwyane Wade and Zaire, and him and Shareef. He captioned and said he and Shareef aren’t scared of this contest if it takes place.

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D. Wade retired in 2019 but still looks fresh whenever spotted working out with his son Zaire. LeBron James is about to enter his 19th year in the league soon. As for the sons, Shareef is 21 and a college student. Zaire is 19 and in his final year of school. Bronny is 16 and a sophomore in high school.

It would be a close contest if they decide to play a tournament to see which father-son duo would dominate. However, in my personal opinion, I’d give LeBron and Bronny a little edge.

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