“LeBron James is One of One!”: Skip Bayless Delivers Rare Praise to The King Moving to 4th All-Time on Assists Leaderboard

Raahib Singh
|Published February 01, 2023

LeBron James etched his name in the record books again last night. The 38-year-old star made NBA History as the Lakers took on the Knicks at Madison Square Garden. Apart from leading the Lakers to an OT win with a triple-double, Bron also passed Steve Nash for the 4th most assists in NBA History.

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Bron ended the night with 28 points, ten rebounds, and 11 assists.

This achievement in itself is a huge milestone, but when we account that Bron is also just 89 points shy of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s All-Time Scoring record, it just becomes even bigger. Together, Bron has scored or assisted on 62,514 points.

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Skip Bayless talked about the same on Undisputed.

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Skip Bayless talks about LeBron James surpassing Steve Nash

LeBron James has done nothing but leave his fans wowed every time he steps foot on the court. The Lakers superstar is a 19x All-Star for a reason. Last night, the 38-year-old made history in the Mecca of Basketball. Playing the Knicks at the Madison Square Garden, Bron marched up on the All-Time Assists Leaderboard, while inching closer to Kareem.

Skip Bayless couldn’t help but react to the same. He was all in amazement about how Bron has managed to record these many assists while scoring the amounts of points he has.

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Even though Bron has time and again shared how he’s a pass-first guy, it just catches us off-guard when he manages to etch his name in the record books over and over.

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LeBron shares how he loves to get his guys involved

LeBron James, as he’s gotten closer to the scoring record, tried his best to build the ‘pass-first’ narrative. As he crossed Steve Nash on the All-Time list, he shared how he loves to get his teammates involved.

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Now it’s up to the Lakers to make sure they don’t let this greatness go to waste. They’ve already made moves with Rui now on their team. However, if they want to compete, just the one move isn’t enough.

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