“LeBron James is the Michael Jordan of my generation”: Lakers teammate Malik Monk heaps praises of the King and his greatness

Akash Murty
|Published November 25, 2021

The debate of greatest of all time between Michael Jordan and LeBron James is never-ending, but the Lakers star keeps getting his flowers from the players currently in the league. 

For the past 10-15 years, LeBron James has been the face of the NBA, and for many the GOAT. The four-time Finals MVP is a generational superstar. Though he has a section of haters, one cannot deny his impact on the game.

Since the day he debuted in the Cleveland Cavaliers uniform for the first time in 2003, there’s never been a player in the NBA who has performed at the top for 19-years. But is he the GOAT?

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Every time a GOAT conversation comes up, Michael Jordan stays a constant parameter. But if one talks about longevity and giving their everything to the game, no one comes close to LeBron. Even MJ, the 6-time NBA Champion got bored of the game and tried Baseball, while already struggling with a gambling issue.

James never had such issues, he’s the perfect role model for any up-and-coming athletes to structure their career path around. In his year nineteen, the King is a force to reckon with, no matter where he plays. And is now playing with players who as kids, watched him destroying several NBA legends since he debuted in 2003.

What separates LeBron James from Michael Jordan

LeBron James made it to 8-straight finals since 2011 when he went to the Miami Heat. Only the Boston Celtics and 3 players of that team have more. The 4-time NBA champion has played most Playoffs games in NBA history and also has the best winning percentage. Then he’s third in the all-time scoring list and might finish at the top when it’s all said and done.

What separates him from others in the GOAT conversation is his understanding of the game and playmaking abilities. The point-forward is top-10 in all-time assists as well.

Those are just the records speaking for the King, in his 19th year in the league. Nobody has been as consistent as him for this long. The 17-time All-Star is still the MVP in his team ahead of two future Hall of Famers and NBA’s top-75 players of all time. His longevity coupled with the level of production he is still showing is unmatched.

After winning his 4th title with his third franchise, for the last two seasons, he has shown signs of being a human who can have injuries. The Lakers projected to be the best team in the West at the start of this season, would clearly not make it to the Playoffs if their 36-year old MVP misses more games due to nagging injuries.

Can LeBron one-up Michael Jordan as the undisputed GOAT

After their win over the Indiana Pacers Wednesday night, on the back of a LeBron James show, Lakers shooting guard Malik Monk described the 4-time MVP to be his and his generations’ GOAT.

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With the form they are in, the Lakers might face a tough time to finish as a top-4 team in the West, but where ever they do end up, LeBron James and Co will be a team to avoid in a 7-game series.

The way few teams were trying to avoid the them in the last season’s Playoffs when the Lakers were struggling to even make it there, with an injury-plagued squad, solidifies Bron’s significance as an undisputed king of the league at this age.

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If James somehow wins another title, he will surely be head to head with Michael Jordan to be the GOAT just because of his longevity and unmatched basketball IQ.

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