“Meyers Leonard did not kneel for the national anthem, so I’m not surprised”: Shannon Sharpe’s reaction to Heat big man using an antisemitic slur during gaming live stream

Amulya Shekhar
|Published 10/03/2021

Meyers Leonard is in real danger of losing his NBA career and lavish lifestyle for an inadvertent mistake – using an Antisemitic slur online.

The 29-year-old streams his own live gaming experiences for money, online. This includes the wildly popular multiplayer game Call of Duty, which has a global cult following.

After getting pummelled by an opponent in one of these CoD exchanges, Leonard could not control his tongue. He went ahead and used a slur that most viewers didn’t even know at the time to be antisemitic.

After an inadvertent death, Leonard swore onto his microphone, using the slur ‘fing k b**ch”.

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Leonard will have instantly regretted his actions. Origin PC – one of his gaming sponsors – has already dropped him in the face of universal online criticism. Leonard has already posted an apology for using the slur as the NBA looks into the incident independently.

Shannon Sharpe’s reaction to Meyers Leonard using an Anti-semitic slur

Shannon Sharpe took the conversation into quite another direction, noting that Leonard was one of those NBA players not to kneel during the national anthem while playing in the Disney World bubble.

Sharpe sarcastically posted this message onto his Twitter:

“Not the guy that stood with hand over his heart while tmmates kneeled in protest of unarmed killings of blks at the hands of police and inequality in America. I know he wouldn’t do that.”

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Shannon is being a bit harsh here. Standing for the national anthem because your brother was a marine is never a bad look. He’s also projecting some inaccuracies here – just because someone used an antisemitic slur does not mean they’re actively racist.

People might even file Shannon’s reaction under the race-baiting category, although that would be a stretch in itself.

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