Meyers Leonard owning a $400,000 Rolls Royce brought up during “Michael Jordan mocking players for wearing Jordans” story

Akash Murty
|Published 06/09/2022

Meyers Leonard was a consistent presence on screen for the Heat until last season, before getting banned for his anti-semantic slur.

Former NBA players and almost all retired athletes of a high-paying sport have a tendency to lose most of their money as soon as they start living as a civilian but without a regular income.

NBA reportedly has at least 60% of former players who go broke after it’s all said and done. And it’s because they spend most of their hard-earned millions on things which wouldn’t be affordable, if, for instance, their career got cut short due to injuries.

But going broke is one thing and having the audacity to live that lavish life when you are not even the 5th best player in your team, is just foolish. That’s what Andre Iguodala was referring to on his recent podcast episode with his head coach Steve Kerr as coach.

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Andre Iguodala destroys Meyers Leonard for owning a Rolls-Royce that costs somewhere around $400,000

Talking of Michael Jordan, about how the Bulls’ legend used to mock players for wearing Air Jordans if he thought of them to be not worthy enough, Golden State’s veteran forward on his Point Forward Podcast with his co-host Evan Turner who is also a role player, cited an example of his former teammate at Miami. Here, give it a go.

Wearing Jordans even if you were just an ordinary role player wasn’t as bad as owning a Rolls-Royce which needs one to be of a certain stature to get an interview for buying their car.

That said, Leonard must be in that category, but still, the man shouldn’t have dared to buy one playing in Pat Riley’s team in which just 3-4 guys deserved to drive that car at the time Meyers was in the team.

And he definitely wasn’t one. Even before he got his suspension in March 2021, the man wasn’t even starring for the Heat from the bench. So, yeah, Iggy is right, he shouldn’t have a Royce when wasn’t even the 9th best player in his team.

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His wife might be a rich entrepreneur and they could afford all of what they bought, but Meyers and any other role players for that matter should always maintain the dignity of a locker room and be humble about what they have got.




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