“Michael Jordan almost called the police on us for beating him at his own camp”: Gilbert Arenas and Master P reminisce about catching the Bulls legend on an off day

Samir Mehdi
|Published 23/11/2021

Michael Jordan, according to Master P, almost called the police on him, Gilbert Arenas, and Ron Artest for beating him at his own camp. 

There aren’t all too many stories that revolve around Michael Jordan losing at something and of the ones there are, he’s always struck back with a vengeance. Take for example, the time Christian Laettner beat him at ping-pong in 1992. Well, what he did following this loss was quite possibly the most Jordan thing he could’ve done. 

He got a table tennis table delivered to his room and tirelessly practiced for two days straight, eventually destroying Laettner 21-4 in the rematch. So, it’s safe to say that Michael Jordan also redeemed himself following a gutsy loss. However, when it comes to playing ball against a combined trio of Ron Artest, Master P, Gilbert Arenas; seems as though he couldn’t do all too much.

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Master P, who actually played preseason basketball for the Toronto Raptors while being a full-time artist, talks about how he beat Jordan, at his own basketball camp no less. 

Michael Jordan lost to Master P and Gilbert Arenas in pick-up. 

Master P appeared on ‘No Chill with Gilbert Arenas’ and one of the most interesting stories he reminisced about was the time him and Arenas teamed up with Ron Artest to face off against Michael Jordan and two undisclosed players in a pick-up game. According to the artist, the trio caught the 6x champ on an off night and put in the work. 

Beating Jordan at anything basketball related is an achievement in and of itself but to do it at his own camp is an accomplishment like no other. The two do eventually show their respects to the ‘GOAT’ and admit that they caught him on an off night perhaps but also reveal that this pick-up game took place around 1998-99.

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This would mean that Michael Jordan was fresh off his 6th Finals MVP, meaning it was still an MJ that was very much in his prime. 

As for getting them back, he never got a chance to professionally play against Master P. when it comes to Gilbert Arenas, he played against only twice on NBA hardwood, with Gil besting him both times, even dropping 41 points in one of those outings. 

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