Cover Image for “Michael Jordan and I would find this a tougher era to be successful!”:Scottie Pippen, Chicago Bulls legend makes bold proclamation while watching his son

“Michael Jordan and I would find this a tougher era to be successful!”:Scottie Pippen, Chicago Bulls legend makes bold proclamation while watching his son

Arun Sharma
|Mon Jul 11 2022

Scottie Pippen won 6 titles alongside Michael Jordan – if he has an opinion, people should listen to it.

“I think this is a tougher era to be successful”: Chicago Bulls Legend Scottie Pippen accepts a harsh truth a lot of the players of yesteryears are afraid to admit

“Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen would find this a tougher era to be successful!”: Chicago Bulls legend makes a bold proclamation while watching his son

Scottie Pippen was in town to be a commentator for his son’s game against the Charlotte Hornets. What a fitting story: Father commentating on a game where the son plays against his best friend’s team. Sounds convoluted, but it is fairly simple.

Michael Jordan must have enjoyed a nice mini-reunion, and with Scottie Jr. only on a two-way deal, there is a chance that he might sign with the Hornets.

It was during this session, Sr, was asked a question “Do you think the players today are better than the players of your era“? He had a very articulate answer to it.

“I would say yes. I think that watching these players, the stamina, just the pace of the game. This is a tough game. I mean to keep up with this pace – and you’ve got to be able to make shots. If you’re not making shots, you’ll be sitting over there with the coach.”

He went on to add “I think this is a tougher era to be successful because you need to be able to shoot the basketball. Bottomline. There are guys that can get to the hole and create opportunities. But the guys that can shoot the basketball from range are much more valuable in today’s game”.

Great assessment from the Hall of Famer, one must say.

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Scottie Pippen had a few random outbursts after the Last Dance – this is one of his takes that makes sense

For a guy who went on a tirade a few months ago against his partner in crime, Scottie Pippen Sr. sure knows how to mellow down quick. Watching your son ball out in the summer league does that to you, I guess. Lavar Ball, take notice will ya? His take is not wrong though, and fans seem to agree.

In every sport, there have been year-on-year improvements, and with the advent of technology in every aspect, there is bound to be exponential growth in the past 40 years.

The 80s, 90s, and even the 00s are all a distant past in terms of how the game is played. The number of possessions per 100 keeps increasing, Shooting is the priority, and the players practically run suicides every 24 seconds.

But for every opinion, there will always be naysayers. And those people are generally nostalgia merchants. They cannot seem to come to terms with the fact that sports has moved a few steps up, and the floor is being raised by the second.

Today’s rookies could easily be 3-4 year veterans in the 90s, and would easily be one of the best players ever in the earlier years.

Can you imagine Stephen Curry shooting the ball before the defense even set up? The coaches would lose their minds!

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