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Michael Jordan has $2.1 billion to his name, but had to be a waiter just to keep his spot in basketball camp

Nithin Joseph
|Wed Jul 27 2022

Many consider Michael Jordan the greatest of all time. However, there was a time when he had to wait on other high schoolers to stay in camp!

In 2020, ESPN released a docuseries revolving around Michael Jordan and the 1997-98 Chicago Bulls. The series followed the dynasty’s history starting from MJ’s selection in 1984.

It went through everything from the Bulls’ lack of success in the late 80s to the dominance of the trio consisting of Jordan, Pippen, and Rodman from 1996 till they broke up.

Aptly titled ‘The Last Dance’, the 10-episode documentary even had some hilarious clips including the times Michael took things ‘personally’!

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However, the show couldn’t cover everything about the Bulls and their legendary superstar. In fact, the director Jason Hehir recalled one story he wished he could have included.

Michael Jordan had to wait on Patrick Ewing back when they were in high school just so he could stay in camp

The Last Dance docuseries had some great stories. Unfortunately, it did not cover everything in Michael Jordan’s rise to worldwide fame and stardom.

Director Jason Hehir revealed in an interview back in 2020 that there were a number of exciting stories that did not make the cut.

Hehir shared his favorite of the bunch, the story of how Jordan had to wait on Patrick Ewing and other high schoolers. All so that he could continue at a five-star basketball camp!

“You had Patrick Ewing, Len Bias, and some other guys were at the camp as well, but Michael blew everybody away, or Mike, at that point, blew everybody away. So they begged him to stay for a second week because more guys wanted to see him play. More college coaches wanted to see him play, and the parents said, ‘We can’t afford it.’ So they said, ‘Okay, we’ll pay for him if he works in the kitchen as a waiter for all the other kids, he can stay the second week.’ So Michael got MVP that second week and he was a waiter serving kids fruit punch and grilled cheeses and then going out and wasting these kids later on the court. So, stories like that I would’ve loved to get in there.”

It is hard to imagine what basketball would have been like if MJ wasn’t at that camp. Luckily we will never have to know.

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