“Might kick LeBron James off my All-Time Top 10! He’s had too many epic fails!”: Skip Bayless believes Lakers star doesn’t belong up there with Larry Bird and Michael Jordan

Raahib Singh
|Published June 25, 2022

FS1 analyst Skip Bayless takes a viewer’s question about LeBron James in his Top-10, deliberates even keeping him on the list

The NBA offseason is here, and as always, it brings with it trade rumors, Draft discussions, and of course, debates about the all-time greats. Just like always, there were quite a few debates about Michael Jordan vs LeBron James for the GOAT spot, and how Stephen Curry winning his 4th ring impacts the same.

Everyone who has been watching the NBA for a bit has their all-time Top 10 list. There are a few players that have a fixed place in almost everyone’s Top-10, their ranking may vary though. Players such as Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Kareem-Abdul Jabbar, Shaquille O’Neal, Kobe Bryant, and LeBron James.

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For Skip Bayless, these names are all there, but what surprises a lot of people is how he’s kept LBJ at #9. One follower of his podcast used his A.M.A(ask me anything) section to inquire about the same, and if LeBron can move up the ladder.

Skip Bayless doesn’t think LeBron James belongs on an All-Time 10 list

Making a name for himself as a professional hater, Skip Bayless doesn’t take any days off, not even in the off-season. He’s been hating on the King for a long time, and for no good reason.

On ‘The Skip Bayless show’, he was asked if LeBron was stuck at #9 forever. Skip replied and initially said that he might move up, if he wins another ring. However, then Skip began breaking down his current list, and realized, that may not be the case.

Skip has Michael Jordan at #1, Magic at #2, and Shaq at #3. Skip compares LBJ to Kareem at #4, Tim Duncan at #5, Bill Russell at 6, and Kobe Bryant at 7. Then he goes on to compare James to Larry Bird, who’s #8 on Skip’s list.

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With all that LeBron has done on the court, and for the NBA, there is no way he’s not a Top-10 player. Uncle Skip needs to chill on the hate, and focus on what the King has actually been able to accomplish.

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