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Multi Millionaire Andrew Tate says “Basketball is Gay” and even LeBron James can’t make him believe otherwise

Akash Murty
|Thu Aug 18 2022

Andrew Tate disrespected the LGBTQ community as well as LeBron James, Michael Jordan, and every basketball player with just one statement.

Popularly known as ‘The Cobra’, Andrew Tate is quite a famous personality on the planet. The former martial artist turned content creator is also a wealthy man who made most of his wealth post-retirement from a professional kickboxing career.

The 35-year-old is worth around $350 million and lives a luxurious life, flaunting his supercars, house and whatnot. His controversial views on women have made him one of the most hated people among feminists.

The man has his opinion on most issues, which even gets more heat than it ever did when the famous villain of the radical left-wing, Jordan Peterson, the famous Psychology professor from Toronto, first came into the picture a few years back.

Tate knows how to get clicks in this new era ruled by content and loves staying true to his controversial self, which can be ascertained by his views like he only believed the earth is round after he saw it from outer space.

So, hearing things like “Basketball is Gay” shouldn’t be very surprising to the people who have been following him. But let’s dive into what he said and why he said it.

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Andrew Tate says “Basketball is Gay”, and doesn’t care if LeBron James plays it

In a YouTube clip that was circulating the internet recently the sensational US-born Romanian resident said something harsh about one of the top sports, not just in the United States but the world.

“Basketball is bulls**t.” said the former pro-kickboxer who now believes in earning money through shirtless live-streaming on Twitch. Definitely more masculine!

Shocked by his take like any American, the fellow twitcher/interviewer tried clearing the air with the best idea to get more views, “what do you mean bulls**t? It’s you don’t like LeBron (James)?”

To which Tate replied, “Nah, It’s gay. Basketball is gay.”

As a country, the US might not like soccer as much as they do all their major sports. But that’s it. All of their other major sports are beyond any kind of criticism.

However, Tate having a kickboxing background might find his former sport much superior, but then there is MMA to top that. Why didn’t he pursue that after kickboxing, as Israel Adesanya did?

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What could we expect from a man who has accepted that he is always playing a character? Just controversies, I believe. Why else would a person that already has a massive group of haters behind him will offend two more huge communities with such an offensive statement?


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