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“Nah He Can’t Hoop”: Anthony Edwards, Much To Kevin Durant’s Business Partner’s Disbelief, Claims Adam Sandler Isn’t Good At Basketball

Advait Jajodia

"Nah He Can't Hoop": Anthony Edwards, Much To Kevin Durant's Business Partner's Disbelief, Claims Adam Sandler Isn't Good At Basketball

Anthony Edwards has been sidelined for the Minnesota Timberwolves’ past three games. Being out with a hip injury since November 28th has allowed Edwards to spend some time off the court. One of Edwards’ recent off-court activities has taken him to make an appearance on Boardroom’s podcast. At one point of the episode, Rich Kleiman, Kevin Durant’s business partner, and the Minnesota Timberwolves guard had a brief discussion about Adam Sandler’s hooping skills.

Anthony Edwards played a crucial role in Adam Sandler’s “Hustle”. At first, Anthony Edwards appreciated the movie star for casting him in the movie.

“Shoutout to Adam, I appreciate him for having me,” Edwards said.

Later, answering one of the panelist’s questions, Ant-Man was very candid while mocking Sandler’s hooping abilities.

“Nah, he can’t hoop. That’s my dog, though, but he can’t hoop,” Edwards revealed.


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Adam Sandler is one of the celebrities from the film industry who has been spotted playing pickup basketball on numerous occasions. Making trips to different NBA games, it is pretty evident that Sandler is an avid basketball enthusiast.

While Edwards didn’t show any faith in Sandler, Shaquille O’Neal has always been of a different opinion. Shaq once named Adam Sandler as the one actor who is “legit”.

“You know what? Adam Sandler. I’ve shot five movies with him. He’s legit. Not pro legit, but he‘s definitely LA Fitness, you know, 24-Hour Fitness legit,” Shaq claimed.

Anthony Edwards has had enough of Hollywood

Anthony Edwards has proven to be an excellent basketball player. Over the years, Edwards has consistently improved and is an MVP-caliber player today. Similarly, Ant-Man was phenomenal in his role in “Hustle”.

Quite fitting, the combo guard played the role of Kermit  Wilts – a basketball player who was the rival to the main character Bo Cruz.

To be honest, Edwards acted brilliantly. However, he has decided to end his acting career on a high note. On the same podcast appearance, the 6ft 4” star revealed that he wouldn’t be featuring in any more movies.

Edwards said, “Not while I’m playing. That was the first time I felt I wasn’t working out basketball-wise.”

Ant isn’t the only NBA player who has made an appearance on the big screen. Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Ray Allen, Shaquille O’Neal, and Kyrie Irving have been a part of several iconic movies like Space Jam, Uncle Drew, He Got Game, among other classics.

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