“Never beaten me when it counts”: Michael Jordan Has No Mercy for Patrick Ewing, As he Continues Decades Worth of Trash Talk

Nithin Joseph
|Published 19/01/2023

The Chicago Bulls drafted one of the greats in 1984 when they picked Michael Jordan. The man is considered by many to be the GOAT of basketball.

Having spent close to 15 seasons in the NBA, Jordan was unstoppable. Six championships and five MVPs say it all. MJ dominated the competition, both with his skills and his personality.

The stories surrounding His Airness’ trash talk are plenty. One of his favorite players to annoy was none other than Patrick Ewing, who claims his fellow Hall of Famer continues to roast him to this day.

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Michael Jordan continues to roast Patrick Ewing 25 years after retiring

Back in the day, one of Michael Jordan’s favorite opponents was the New York Knicks. MJ loved playing in Madison Square Garden, especially against his close friend and rival Patrick Ewing.

Ewing had the toughest time playing the Bulls. He failed to beat the team on several occasions. Something that Michael never let him forget. Both back when he was playing and now when he has retired.

The Hall of Fame center revealed in an interview with Rachel Nichols that the six-time NBA Champion still talks trash to him, even to this day.

“He’s been talking trash from the first day that I met him, and he continues to talk trash. Telling me that I have never beaten him when it counts. It still hasn’t stopped. Even today, if I called him right now, he’ll still be talking trash to me.”

It comes as no surprise, considering who Jordan is. The man always had a competitive nature and it’s clear to see that he has nurtured it, even well after his playing days are over.

Patrick Ewing matched up against MJ 70 times and lost in 49 of their meetings

Over the course of their respective careers, Michael Jordan and Patrick Ewing have matched up 70 times. This includes both the Regular Season and Playoffs. Given his talent, one would expect that Ewing came out on top a fair number of times. Unfortunately, this is far from the truth, as the center lost 49 of those.

Safe to say that while Ewing did have a great career, he despises the Chicago Bulls. Especially considering he hardly ever got the better of MJ’s team.

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