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“No Way In Hell Any Of Your Suits Fitting”: Reggie Miller Hilariously Goes At Charles Barkley’s Kid Size Suitcase

Sourav Bose

"No Way In Hell Any Of Your Suits Fitting": Reggie Miller Hilariously Goes At Charles Barkley's Kid Size Suitcase

Charles Barkley has become the center of hilarious off-court exchanges in the NBA. The 61-year-old recently seemed to be carrying a child-sized suitcase while traveling for work. This caught the eyes of Reggie Miller, who openly pulled Chuck’s leg, paving the way for yet another memorable instance between them.

The situation circled the latest Instagram story of Miller, which showcased Barkley’s unusually sized luggage. Uploading a clip of Chuck onboarding with his kid-sized suitcase, the 58-year-old wrote, “I am sorry, Charles Barkley, no way in hell any of your suits fitting kids size carry on”.

This subtle dig at Chuck’s body type was received well by the 1993 MVP. He re-shared Miller’s story from his Instagram handle, with laughing emojis to showcase his approval of the remarks.

Reggie Miller is clearly mocking Charles Barkley for his weight, and how the suits that fit him simply have to be of a very large size. While some may wonder if the NBA legend will be taking offense to this, the real answer is, at this point, he is beyond used to it.

On several previous occasions, the latter’s TNT colleague, Shaquille O’Neal, had mocked him for precisely this reason. Last month, they even engaged in a back-and-forth surrounding the very same topic, with Shaq announcing, “I’m lighter than you” [per Philly Talk 215].

So, Miller’s comments only extended the running joke within the TNT crew, highlighting the closeness between the colleagues. At this stage, Chuck seems to have accepted his fate and has even started to laugh along with all the jokes.

It really is heartwarming to see just how close not just the cast of TNT is, but specifically just how much Reggie Miller and Charles Barkley enjoy each other’s banter. Perhaps there would have even been a lot more of this if they had teamed up together during their playing days.

Reggie Miller and Charles Barkley could have teamed up together

After graduating from UCLA, Miller entered the 1987 NBA draft as a top prospect. So, needless to say, just about every team in the NBA wanted him.

Allegedly, the Philadelphia 76ers were one of the top names on this list and even informed the player that they would be selecting him with the 16th pick. This would have ensured a team-up between Barkley and Miller in Philly. However, the Indian Pacers soon intervened, drafting the California-born as the 11th pick in the draft.

Reflecting on the entire scenario, Miller once told The Indianapolis Star, “Of course, Charles and I could’ve worked as teammates. Absolutely. It almost happened…(They said), ‘You’re playing with us. I’m like, ‘OK, great! I’m going to play with Sir Charles. It’s awesome!’ Indiana had different ideas. They snatched me up”.

So, Miller had to wait a long time to fulfill his wish. Eventually, TNT made his dream come true by onboarding him in 2005. Since then, the two have seemed like they’re having the time of their lives. And of course, it doesn’t hurt that they impart this joy to the audience as well.

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