“PJ Tucker, how did you get those?!”: Kevin Durant narrates how the Heat forward got hold of a special edition KD 4 sneaker pair, only 6 of which were supposedly made for Durant’s family

Amulya Shekhar
|Published January 17, 2022

Kevin Durant was thoroughly taken aback when he saw the true potential of how PJ Tucker arranges all the sneakers he wants to cop.

The relationship between Kevin Durant and PJ Tucker goes back further than basically any other NBA player and KD. PJ was primarily responsible for recruiting the Slim Reaper to Texas as a High School junior.

The two NBA veterans have both been as tight as they get off the court. While PJ Tucker has never been on the same team as KD in the NBA, they’ve also had several memorable battles on the court – notably during last year’s playoffs.

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PJ Tucker is also the world’s most obsessed sneakerhead, as various NBA players shall attest. Kevin Durant told us an extremely interesting anecdote that helps to confirm this notion.

Kevin Durant was shocked when PJ Tucker sent him a picture of extremely rare KD4 shoes

Durant kicked off the newest season of the Knuckleheads Podcast with a review of his 2020-21 NBA season. He also added to an already burgeoning collection of PJ Tucker sneaker stories with one of his own:

“He’s even got all my shoes now. So he don’t even text me. I don’t even know how he gets them, I’m sure he goes through the back channels or whatever, but he gets them.”

“He’s got a pair of some – I wanna say KD 4s? – And I thought we only made like 6. Period. And all my family got them. Like really just 6 pairs of these joints. And a random-a** day he sends me a picture and them joints, and I’m like ‘Yo! How did you even?!'”

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Tucker is clearly a dab hand at getting himself any and every kicks he wants. The likes of Giannis, Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony and even Kanye West – to name a few – have been shocked to see Tucker packing their heat.

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