“Ron Harper used to give Michael Jordan a couple of fits!”: Candace Parker recalls meeting the Bulls legends and getting their autograph with brother Anthony Parker as a kid

Amulya Shekhar
|Published December 18, 2021

Candace Parker recalled her favorite moments as a fangirl of Michael Jordan and his Chicago Bulls, noting how she loved Ron Harper.

The Chicago Bulls created a unique phenomenon through sporting history with their dominance of the NBA in the 1990s. While the Boston Celtics and the LA Lakers had their own multiple-championship runs through the years, the Bulls were received better than any NBA team ever.

When Michael touched the hardwood, the city of Chicago knew they had to take to the arena in droves. For they had the greatest show in sports history right in their backyard. And there was no way in heaven or hell that they were gonna miss that.

The Jordan fever ran supreme all through the 1990s. Michael Jordan became this mythical figure, this demigod-like man whose presence alone evoked legends.

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Growing up in Chicago during the 90s while witnessing the greatness of Michael, night in and night out, was something that the Knuckleheads podcasters Darius Miles and Quentin Richardson had in common with WNBA legend Candace Parker.

Candace Parker recounts her best childhood memory of Michael Jordan, Ron Harper and the Bulls

Candace Parker was a guest on the Knuckleheads Podcast last year, before she signed with Chicago Sky. The forward gave a great interview, which started off with her describing how Lisa Leslie would school her in practice as a rookie.

Born in St. Louis, Candace moved with her family to the city of Chicago at age 3. Her brother Anthony Parker, who played 15 years as a pro (including 9 in the NBA), was a huge Bulls fan. Consequently, the 11-year-younger sister found herself picking basketball up as well.

Candace recalled her best moment as a kid, which was getting an autograph from Ron Harper:

“It’s insane, and I was the biggest Ron Harper fan. And Ron Harper used to give Mike a couple of fits. So when he came to Chicago, there was a time when my brother was playing. And it was like Michael Jordan and Ron Harper in the hallway.”

“I got to Ron Harper and took a picture with him. And that was on my wall from the time I was probably like 9 or 10, till we moved out of the house.”

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