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“Russell Westbrook Keeps Coming Back”: Victor Oladipo Showers Former Oklahoma City Teammate With High Praise

Arun Sharma

"Russell Westbrook Keeps Coming Back": Victor Oladipo Showers Former Oklahoma City Teammate With High Praise

Russell Westbrook has polarized fans and analysts alike for many years – one set of people he always gets love from is the players themselves.

Despite incurring the wrath of 99% of the people involved in the NBA in some form, Russell Westbrook seems unfazed. He’s in the gym every day to do his thing, give his best on the court, and go back to his kids and wife. Unfazed by the vitriol that social media has for him, Westbrook sleeps well knowing that his peers can see what he does.

And that is what matters—peer support. Every single player who isn’t a snake (Kevin Durant, we’re looking at you) knows how much Russell impacts their lives. He’s like Kobe Bryant in a way—always training to be the best version of himself. Westbrook, as Victor Oladipo mentions in “Old Man and the Three,” does not know when to stop.

“He keeps coming” was what the Miami guard had to say when JJ Redick asked him about Brodie’s attitude. Rain or shine, the Lakers man is there, trying to make sure he delivers. Too bad it hasn’t worked out always, but when it does, boy oh boy is it a spectacle.

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Victor Oladipo has had a fair share of troubles – he’s seen how Westbrook handles his without breaking a sweat

After moving from the Orlando Magic, Oladipo had his first taste of the postseason. Despite being terrible in the one series he played, he understood how things worked. Most of that came from the veteran leading him, Russell Westbrook. After watching him win MVP in a record-breaking season, Oladipo was inspired.

Since that solitary season on the OKC roster, Oladipo has gone to play with the Pacers, Rockets, and Heat. He has had a lot of success with the Pacers, but injuries have held him back. He looks to be ready for this season and hopes to be relatively fit for the Heat. If he does play, it will be a blessing for the Florida-based team.

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Russell Westbrook should do something to get his chicken in line – he’s one foot into an early retirement

After a tumultuous season, Russell was expected to have a redemption season this time around. But if the preseason is anything to go by, he’s in for another terrible stretch. He may not be ready for another 82-game disappointment, and if he does stick to it, he’s out of the league.

He’s at that age where he may get one last contract before he starts getting veteran minimums if there is use for him. And the way he’s playing, he is more likely to be bought out than continue playing, even on tanking teams. Nobody wants a washed-up superstar who will earn close to 50 million this year.

He’s not ready to take a pay cut, not ready to adapt to a new role, but the player base seems to want to stick up for him. Maybe he should stop trying so hard and reevaluate what is necessary for him. He’s got a fantastic attitude but just needs a slight adjustment to fit into some teams. Whether that is the Lakers or not, we are to wait and watch.

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Arun Sharma


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