“Russell Westbrook says the main reason Lakers are losing is THEY don’t play hard?!”: Skip Bayless is in utter dismay after Brodie calls out his teammates

Akash Murty
|Published March 10, 2022

Russell Westbrook calls out all of his teammates for not playing hard enough this season, Skip Bayless shuts him down immediately.

Russell Westbrook is having one of the worst seasons of his 14-year NBA career. The former OKC point guard is averaging over 18.3 points, 7.6 rebounds, and 7.2 assists a game, which some might argue in other circumstances would be an All-Star caliber number.

But the 9x All-Star who just became the second point guard behind the great Oscar Robertson to score 23,000 career points is having the worst advanced statistical year since his rookie season. He is a ‘-2.3’ on plus-minus and a ‘-3.4’ on the net rating. Keeping all those statistics aside, just an eye test from any one of his several bad games will speak of his struggles.

The man still insists that it’s his team’s attitude that is the major reason for their disappointing season than his own failures in leading them to at least a couple of wins.

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Russell Westbrook calls out his teammates but Skip Bayless comes up with a mirror

The 2017 MVP, on the rarest of occasions this season, looked has looked his normal self. The Wednesday night game against the Rockets was one such occasion. But as 4 out of his 5 30 point games this season, this game also turned out to be a loss. And most of the blame for this one goes to everyone not named Westbrook, Malik Monk, or Austin Reaves.

That has been the story of the Lakers season thus far, apart from one or two players in the squad nobody has been able to perform on a consistent basis. And Brodie pointed it out by saying his team doesn’t play as hard as their opponents. But then Skip Bayless questions Westbrook’s performance by pointing out his abysmal stats.

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Hate to agree with Bayless on any point, but Westbrook cannot be the one calling out his teammates for lacking effort when he does this.

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As bad a game as James had against the Rockets, this easiest layup miss from Westbrook could have proved crucial.

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That would have capped off his amazing performance on the night with a victory as well. But instead, the game went to overtime and the Lakers lost it 139-130 against the worst team in the West.

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