“They’re calling LeBron James LeBum, LeMickey, and LeGM!”: Shannon Sharpe scoffs at Russell Westbrook taking offense to being called ‘Westbrick’

Samir Mehdi
|Published March 10, 2022

Sharpe compares Russell Westbrook being disrespected bto LeBron James continually being labelled LeBum or LeGM. 

The Los Angeles Lakers have not played like anything close to a title contender, let alone a Playoff this NBA season. Russell Westbrook and LeBron James have had quite the offensive load to shoulder with Anthony Davis continually being sidelined due to injury, with the former of those not meshing well with James and company in the slightest. 

Westbrook has been putting up an expected statline of around 18 points, 7 assists, and 7 rebounds a night and yet, has been berated for not playing like his typical self. The hate from Lakers fans has gotten to the point where the 2017 MVP addressed it in Shannon his postgame presser following the loss to the Spurs.

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Having your name becoming a laughing stock amongst millions of ‘fans’ is something no player wants. While Russ may not play up to what he’s paid via his contract, the disrespect he receives has reached a point that it most certainly shouldn’t. 

According to Shannon Sharpe however, LeBron James has been dealing with this for a long time and so why shouldn’t Russ. 

LeBron James gets called names as well, according to Shannon Sharpe. 

For the longest time on social media, NBA fans have quite literally put any word they please after ‘Le’ as a way of making fun of LeBron James for the most part. Some of the most popular variations were ‘LeBum’, ‘LeMickey’ (for the 2020 championship), and ‘LeGM’(for being involved in team decisions).

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These names have never been addressed by mainstream media before until now. Shannon Sharpe shockingly and quite hilariously used these ‘Le’ nicknames as a way of saying James has been dealing with disrespect for years and so why can’t Russell Westbrook handle it. 

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The simplest thing here is: to each their own. Russ has a problem with his family name that is shared by his wife and kids be dragged into the mud by fans online. James doesn’t listen to that noise.

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