Shaquille O’Neal calls Kanye West a “Dumb a**” While Defending $2.3 Billion Spanish Fashion House

Jeet Pukhrambam
|Published 28/11/2022

Shaquille O’Neal is always the center of attention, no matter where he goes. His 7-foot frame and size allow him to absorb every stare and glare. What’s more, he has a charming personality to match that. But oftentimes, his outspoken nature lands him in hot water. And this time the feud is with America’s most hated, Kanye West.

Yes, a label we really don’t want to be imposing on Kanye but the truth is that his genius is being grossly overlooked for his actions in public and social media. He is being shunned by all fashion brands for his anti-semitic stance and Shaq has joined them.

Over the last few days and weeks, the two have been exchanging pleasantries across social media. And now Shaq is going public.

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The war of words continues between Shaquille O’Neal and Kanye West

Shaq called Kanye “the same brand that dropped his Dumb A**” via an Instagram comment. The comment comes after Kanye spoke out against Balenciaga’s controversy surrounding child models.

The Spanish fashion house, which does $2.3 billion in revenue has been facing the brunt of Kanye’s accusations.

Naturally, some people were displeased at Shaq for not seeing the full picture.

O’Neal’s comment might reflect his true feelings. We suspect he said this to quell Kanye and not to cause further outrage. However, he could have used less colorful language.

Kanye and Shaq have been going back and forth

Kanye has thrown back the jabs and Shaq has responded in equal fashion. O’Neal even said why should he listen to Kanye since he is richer than him. This statement came just days after Kanye was stripped of his wealth.

While the real gist is that Kanye is standing like a lone figure fighting every single moral battle he can fight, it won’t last long. And Shaq’s comments don’t help either. O’Neal knows his brand value and has chosen to stay away from taking an offensive stance.

But this is quite concerning and it could get ugly knowing that Kanye does not hold back when it comes to public outcry.

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