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“Since Your Dad’s Not in the Playoffs”: LeBron James Proudly Discusses Bronny Navigating Through Media Scrutiny

Shubham Singh

“Since Your Dad’s Not in the Playoffs”: LeBron James Proudly Discusses Bronny Navigating Through Media Scrutiny

Recent reports have suggested that Bronny James can be a sure pick in the 2024 NBA Draft. His father LeBron James and fans are waiting with bated breath to watch them pair on the court. Considering his high-profile association, the 19-year-old has faced intense media interaction during the 2024 Draft Combine. On the ‘Mind the Game’ pod with JJ Redick, Dad LeBron James showcased his admiration towards his son’s media savviness.

He lauded the youngster’s “mindset” of caring more about making winning plays than searching for top-notch accolades. LBJ confessed that as a 19-year-old, he wanted to make the “All-Star Teams” and “win MVPs”.

However, Bronny wants to be someone who contributes to a winning system. The proud dad also expressed that at his age, he “wouldn’t have been able to handle” the “media scrutiny” like his son.

The 39-year-old revealed how he and his wife Savannah James always urge Bronny “to set an example” to his younger siblings and much to their delight, he has always delivered. Further, Redick quipped about the “media getting a week’s worth of content” because of Bronny James, prompting a hilarious response from LBJ.

The NBA All-time leading scorer recalled how he declined an interview when he attended the Cleveland Cavaliers home fixture in the playoffs against the Boston Celtics. Now, the media expected his son to supply the chain of content.

I think they said, ‘You know well, since your dad is not in the playoffs no more, we are gonna ride your coattails, we can’t get your dad to say anything’, LeBron James told JJ Redick.

While Bronny James has shown a knack for acing media interviews, he has also slowly built an impressive draft profile. Has he shown enough to get his name called on the 2024 Draft Night?

Bronny James’ NBA chances look erratic

Earlier, many critics expressed that Bronny James shouldn’t enter the draft and spend at least one more season with the USC Trojans. However, the youngster kept his options open and decided to enter the draft in hopes of landing an NBA roster spot.

He showed up at the 2024 Draft Combine hoping to raise his stock. While he did improve his chances, the scouts and executives remain divided about his “draftability”. 

Mandatory Credit: David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Some execs feel that he is still raw and can disappear during crucial moments, while some voices hailed his athleticism and appreciated his upside. However, he may still be a late second-round draft pick at the very best. Meanwhile, some are raising concerns that the 19-year-old is only a relevant draft choice because he is LeBron James’ son.

At any rate, the USC guard has showcased tremendous resilience after suffering a horrible cardiac arrest ordeal last year. In less than 12 months, he has made a strong case for the NBA Draft proving that hooping is everything to him and he can go to any length to carve out an NBA career. 

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