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“Stephen Curry is messing the game up”: 7-foot Shaquille O’Neal hilariously calls out his favorite player

Arjun Julka

"Stephen Curry is messing the game up": 7-foot Shaquille O'Neal hilariously calls out his favorite player

NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal hilariously blames Stephen Curry for messing up the game with his flawless long-range shooting.

Ask any player from the old-school era, and they aren’t particularly pleased with the way the game has evolved, especially concerning the fundamentals. Known to be a big man’s league, the NBA is more guard dominant than it ever was, with shooting becoming a necessary tool of every player’s arsenal.

The shift in the dynamics of playing ball has a lot to do with the baby-faced assassin in the Bay Area. Stephen Curry has revolutionalized the game with his ability to pull up from the parking lot. The former unanimous MVP has given 3-point shooting a whole new meaning.

Nonetheless, the Warriors superstar has given hope to millions who thought basketball was a game for only the physically gifted. The generation today does not believe in the traditional ways of practicing layups and jumpers but wants to start warming up from behind the arc itself.

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During a past appearance on the All the Smoke podcast, NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal accused Steph Curry of messing the game up.

“I’m on the internet seeing little kids shoot 100-footers”: Shaquille O’Neal calls out Stephen Curry.

Shaq’s admiration for Curry is no secret. At first, the Lakers legend wasn’t a big fan of the shots that Curry took. However, Curry’s sniper-like abilities changed Shaq’s opinions about him. Big Diesel had publicly stated that the Warriors superstar had proved him wrong.

The Lakes legend has on numerous instances confessed Curry being his favorite player to watch. Nevertheless, the former seven-foot center holds the 34-year-old PG responsible for messing the game up. Both Shaq and Curry belong to two completely different schools of basketball.

“Steph Curry is messing the game up, said Shaq.”

“I’m on the internet now, I see a bunch of little kids dribbling, shooting a 100-footers.”

However, the three-time Finals MVP did acknowledge Curry’s influence on those who thought the game was only for the big men.

“But, he’s doing something for them, he’s giving them a chance.”

Coming from old-school basketball, one understands Shaq’s perspective, but at the same time, one needs to commend the Diesel for moving with the times and not being bitter.

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Arjun Julka

Arjun Julka


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