“Stephen Curry mines crypto from a giant block of ice!”: Valued at $32 Billion Once, FTX got Shaquille O’Neal to Narrate its Ad

Jeet Pukhrambam
|Published 09/11/2022

Stephen Curry is an ambassador for FTX, the world’s 2nd largest cryptocurrency exchange. During the market euphoria, they partnered with him and launched a ridiculous ad narrated by none other than Shaquille O’Neal. It is almost comical to see athletes invest their money in something they don’t know anything about.

As of the time of writing the Cryptocurrency market has taken a nose dive after a very public feud between FTX and Binance, which is the world’s largest exchange. FTX has been acquired by Binance and as a result, its stock is no good now. But what about Stephen Curry and Shaquille O’Neal?

The two basketball legends were publically invested in the company and have also shown an interest in NFTs and tokens. What happened to their fortune?

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Stephen Curry and Shaquille O’Neal were pulled in for FTX’s ultimate Advert

Before we dissect their investment and outcome, let’s look at the ad itself. Shot at the height of market euphoria, Shaq is an ever so “unreliable narrator” he talks about why Curry is an expert on “crypto”, while the latter goes around going about his household chores.

The chores include baking cookies, making pasta, and carving an ice sculpture of a monkey. A very normal day in the Curry household we suppose.

they talk about why FTX is a good place to put your money and why you don’t have to be an expert to buy, trade, and sell crypto. We bet the two are looking back on their partnership and thinking they should have never done this.

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Amid FTX’s plunge, what happened to Steph and Shaq’s money?

We assume like everyone else, their investments are underwater. Considering the volatile nature of the market and the current nosedive of prices, there is virtually no way they are profitable.

FTX was once valued at $32 billion during last year’s market cycle top. But since then it has come crashing down. And since Binance acquired it behind closed doors, nobody knows the real extent of the damage.

We also know that Curry once brought a Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT token for a whopping $145,000. A digital picture for six figures! Now, that token is worthless.

And what’s more, the two have their own NFT lines. Which we reckon might not be doing so well right now. FTX is now in a world of trouble and the hammer of federal regulation might be dropping soon.

Steph and Shaq might not be too happy about it. Their money has basically gone to waste and there is nothing they can do to recover. The best hope is to ride out the storm.

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