“Stephon Marbury SHOULD be in the Hall of fame!”: Kevin Durant claims that the former Timberwolves and Suns guard deserves the game’s highest recognition

Achyuth Jayagopal
|Published 07/05/2022

Nets’ superstar Kevin Durant believes Stephon Marbury not getting a Hall-of-Fame recognition is absolutely shameful

While most legends of the game who have made an impact in the game find their place in the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame, like any list, there are some snubs here too.

In a Twitter discussion regarding high-profile snubs, Kevin Durant chipped in claiming that Stephon Marbury is an absentee from the list.

KD, through this Tweet, indicates his feelings regarding the former all-star guard’s exclusion from the list.

Marbury was a two-time all-star and 4th overall pick in a star-studded 1996 Draft. Often in the news for non-basketball reasons, however, Marbury’s prime in the NBA did not last long.

A point guard known for his craft on the ball, Marbury was a player for the highlight reels. He wore stardom on his sleeve and carried himself like a superstar.

Interestingly, KDs teammate Kyrie Irving is considered to be the modern-day counterpart for Marbury, by many.

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Marbury’s success and cult status post his NBA days and his status as a global ambassador for the game also add to his case to make the Hall of Fame. It remains to be seen whether Marbury is recognized by the committee to be inducted into the Hall of Fame anytime soon.

How did Stephon Marbury attain cult status outside the NBA?

“Starbury” was always a player who strutted his stuff and played with some pizzazz and demanded your attention.

At a time when basketball wasn’t much of a global game, such a star’s move to China was big news.

Marbury endeared himself to a league where no one with his flair had touched feet. He became the face of the Chinese Basketball League quickly and became a 6-time all-star in his time abroad.

His popularity and cult status in China are remarkable, with Marbury being called “Commissar Ma” in China.

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Currently, the owner of the Chinese football team Beijing Lions, Marbury keeps his ties with China strong and is forever going to be an icon in China.


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