“That was the funniest day on NBA Twitter”: Blake Griffin comments on DeAndre Jordan and his 2015 free agency saga, including Chris Broussard’s ‘Beggin thru texts’ tweet

Amulya Shekhar
|Published 19/09/2021

Blake Griffin reaffirms that the day he tricked NBA Twitter into following the entire DeAndre Jordan free agency was his favorite moment.

There’s one moment that Chris Broussard surely regrets from his professional career. It came about in the offseason of 2015, when he decided to hit send on a tweet.

This was no ordinary tweet – it would set off a chain of reactions on NBA Twitter that would extinguish any credentials he had as a journalist with sources. It would also give birth to some delicious NBA Reddit pasta to be overused over the years.

It was when DeAndre Jordan was deciding his destination as a free agent in 2015.

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Blake Griffin and JJ Redick reveal how they convinced DeAndre Jordan to re-sign with LA Clippers

According to his teammates, DeAndre was the type of guy who could really go with the flow and promise you things in the moment that he might not follow through on later – just because those proposals get him so involved in the moment.

That was what happened with the Mavericks’ free agency pitch to him in 2015. As a Dallas-born lad, a certain part of DJ certainly longed to be a hometown hero. It was perhaps one of the nerves Mark Cuban touched while trying to sell him on the Mavs.

But ultimately, DJ’s Clippers teammates in Chris Paul, Blake Griffin and JJ Redick all got together to try and ensure that DeAndre Jordan would indeed return to Staples Center for the following season. While doing so, Blake sent NBA fans on a social media wild goose chase too.

Blake and JJ talked about it at length on Griffin’s appearance on Redick’s podcast:

“That was so much fun. Once he was like ‘Yeah, I’m coming back,’ it was just free rein to think of whatever you could to keep this thing going. I think that was the most fun. I guess I’m biased because I’m involved but that was the funniest day on NBA Twitter.”

“It’s also weird with me and DJ. I was behaving as a true friend, you kinda wanted to be like ‘Sign wherever’s best for you.’ But then you want to be all like ‘Alright, you’re not going anywhere. Just sign the contract.'”

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