“There ain’t no Plan B”: When Dwyane Wade Got No Option From Pat Riley But to Emulate Michael Jordan’s Flu Game, the Flash Didn’t Disappoint

Anujit Vijayakumar
|Published January 10, 2023

The legacy of Dwyane Wade with the Miami Heat will live on for eternity. The 40-year-old’s tenure with the franchise resulted in immense success for not only Wade but the franchise as a whole.

Prior to his arrival in 2003, the Miami Heat were merely a lottery organization that had not experienced the playoffs in the 21st century. 

With the Flash at the helm, the franchise underwent an impeccable resurgence. They were no longer mere playoff contenders. They had now solidified themselves as a threat to the NBA championship. 

Wade was a pivotal factor in the Heat clinching the NBA title in 2006, as he averaged in the Finals. A magnificent showing from one of the premier guards in the league at the time. 

However, within the 2006 title run, the Heat were on the cusp of being eliminated, due to a sickness suffered by Wade. In lieu, Wade wound up taking inspiration from the great Michael Jordan, Flash played on to guide his team to success. 

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Dwyane Wade’s ‘Flu game’ draws parallels to Michael Jordan!

Michael Jordan’s ‘Flu Game’ needs no introduction. The six-time NBA champion was sick to his stomach with the flu in game 5 of the 1997 NBA Finals. Nonetheless, he soldiered on and showcased his distinction as he guided the Bulls to victory dropping 38 points. 

Dwyane Wade, in retrospect, had a similar showing in the 2006 NBA Playoffs. As the Heat arrived in the Eastern Conference finals, they were slated to face the Detroit Pistons. And Miami’s luminary was sick.

It was reported that Wade suffered from dehydration and was treated with intravenous fluids at a hospital. To the delight of the Heat faithful, and then head coach Pat Riley, who said, “there ain’t no Plan B”, Wade was back just in time for their match.

He had a comparatively tiresome performance scoring 14 points and racking 10 assists against Detroit. Thereby, attaining their first playoff berth. Historic.

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The Miami Heat tenure of Dwyane Wade

In spite of capturing it was transparent that the All-Star required assistance from other prominent players if the franchise were to win again. Step forward, LeBron James and Chris Bosh.

The pair elected South Beach as their preferred destination in free agency in 2010, forming the critically acclaimed ‘Big Three’. And albeit a second option, many considered Wade’s best years to be behind him, he had displayed his excellence as he played a pivotal part in guiding the Heat to successive NBA titles alongside LeBron James. 

The Flash will always be fondly remembered for his contributions to a champion organization. 

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