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“There are times where I think we’re getting through with the Ben Simmons situation”: Sixers’ Head Coach Doc Rivers draws a Donald Trump comparison while addressing Simmons’ future with the team

Arjun Julka

"There are times where I think we're getting through with the Ben Simmons situation": Sixers' Head Coach Doc Rivers draws a Donald Trump comparison while addressing Simmons' future with the team

Philadelphia 76ers head coach Doc Rivers reveals he’s trying to persuade point guard Ben Simmons to stay put with the 76ers

There is no doubt that All-Star Ben Simmons has dominated the headlines during the current off-season. The 25-year old had been in the eye of the storm ever since his dismal performance in the 2021 playoffs. Simmons and the Philadelphia team have failed to reach a consensus.

The situation seems to be getting murkier by the day, with news of their failed talks making headlines. The 76ers front office has been unable to get an equivalent asset in exchange for trading Simmons.

A while back, there were several reports of the 76ers trying to convince Simmons to return to the team till they reach a deal to trade him. However, Simmons has made it clear he has no intentions of donning the 76ers uniform. The point guard is ready to shell out millions for missing training camp.

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Nonetheless, head coach Doc Rivers has been putting in his best efforts for his point guard to return to camp. Doc has been trying to make mends with Simmons.

Doc Rivers is trying his best to get Ben Simmons back.

Philadelphia head coach seems to be on a mission to get his point guard back on the roster. Rivers was earlier seen this week on ESPN’s First Take talking about the whole Ben Simmons controversy and the fact the situation was in control.

“You know how I feel about Ben. I’ve always defended him, I just love how he plays, I love a lot of the things that he does for our team. There’s been so many times this has happened [in sports] that hasn’t been reported and the guy comes back. So listen, we’re going to go through it.  I can tell you up front, we would love to get Ben back, and if we can, we’re gonna try to do that.”

Though Doc seemed optimistic in his approach, one really doubts if Simmons has any plans to return. According to a recent report, Doc drew a Donald Trump analogy while talking about his efforts in reconciling with Simmons.

Doc has always been an avid fan of Simmons’ talent, appreciative of his defensive and playmaking skills. The 3x All-Star is an elite defender who can guard any position. Though his shooting skills have always been a liability, the coaching staff can work around that.

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Things are looking to get more ugly before they improve anytime soon. However, the controversial rift between Simmons and the 76ers is doing both parties equal damage, especially when it comes to trade value.

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Arjun Julka

Arjun Julka


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