“They played music and I said ‘I appreciate it’!”: Charles Barkley hilariously recalls his days as a “Music Appreciation” student in college

Joe Viju
|Published 10/05/2022

NBAonTNT analyst Charles Barkley was asked about his college ‘major’ during his time at Auburn, and his answer left the TNT crew in splits.

Following an illustrations NBA career for Charles Barkley, which even saw him win the MVP over one Michael Jordan, he joined Kenny Smith, Ernie Johnson, and the gang on TNT to cover pre-game and halftime reports. Due to his likable personality, coupled with his brutal honesty, Chuck instantly became America’s favourite basketball analyst.

While Chuck has certainly had a lot of memorable moments on the court, the former Phoenix star might just have as many memorable ones off of it. In the most recent broadcast, he had another hilarious moment to add to the collection, which left the rest of the crew and studio in splits.

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Charles Barkley hilariously reveals his major as a student at Auburn.

Chuckster played his college ball at Auburn, where he established himself as an excellent scorer and rebounder of the ball despite being only 6’4. Following his impressive stint in college, Barkley went to the Philadelphia 76ers as the fifth overall pick in the 1984 draft.

Like the majority of the stars in the NBA, Charles Barkley joined college only to play ball and not to earn a degree and has been quite open about the same. In a TNT segment on Monday, the topic came up once again as host Ernie Johnson asked Chuckster what his “major” was at Auburn.

Chuck hilariously responded by saying he was a ‘music appreciation’ student, which left the whole studio in splits. Check out the whole video here:

As you can see, Barkley was “undeclared” when it came to his college major and was banking on his basketball career to work out. And oh boy! It worked out pretty damn well for The Round Mound. The former Phoenix forward had a Hall-of-Fame career, that included 11 All-star selections and even an MVP award in 1993.

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