“This is the lowest point James Worthy has seen as a Laker over the years”: NBA Hall of Famer is speechless as LeBron James and Co lose to a ‘pickup’ Blazers team

Akash Murty
|Published 10/02/2022

Lakers lose a game to a “pickup team” in the Blazers and James Worthy cannot remember a worse point in franchise history.

Getting their 11th loss in the last 16 outings, the Los Angeles Lakers are now 26-30 for the season and have a massive 5-game difference with the Denver Nuggets, who are in the 6th position.

Making it to the Playoffs now looks like a far-fetched goal for the struggling at the level of this team. Wednesday night they crossed all limits of atrocity as they visited the Portland Trail Blazers who are fresh off from trading their primary scores CJ McCollum and Norman Powell.

A Damian Lillard less Blazers weren’t even having the newly acquired players ready for this game but were still able to fend off the Lakers who were looking to get a win after suffering a humiliating 116-131 loss at the hands of Milwaukee Bucks.

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As Russell Westbrook sat this game because of some issues related to his back, the Lakers failed to prove a point in the absence of the favorite scapegoat of their underwhelming season.

This loss rubbed multiple Purple and Gold team’s legends in the wrong way, and they let LeBron James and Co know about their displeasure.

James Worthy is utterly disappointed in the Lakers

Rarely anything beats the reaction of happy James Worthy whenever the Lakers do something incredible. And incredible in a good way, is a rarity for the team since Kobe Bryant’s retirement.

Most fans remember the Hall of Famer’s cigar-smoking reactions when the Lakers win some exciting games. But you’d rarely see him as disappointed as he was after his former team’s lackluster performance on Wednesday.

On the Lakers postgame show for the Spectrum SportsNet, James Worthy was at a loss for words, calling it the lowest point he can remember in his time as a Laker.

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With just 26 more games to go this season, there are slight chances for the Lakers to turn it around. But with the attitude with which their leaders LeBron James and Anthony Davis played this game, they’ll find it difficult to do so.

Last night was no different from several other games the Lakers have lost this season. LBJ and AD putting up 30-7-7 and 17-7-6 with a negative plus-minus. The duo must look to start and end all games from here on in with consistent energy and tenacity.

Even a slight drop in the attitude or willingness to win games at any point of every individual game will make their chances of qualifying even for even the Play-in spot thinner.


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