“Jayson Tatum, those sneakers make KD14s look pretty!”: NBA fans react to Jordan Brand’s custom Ford Mustang inspired Player Exclusive sneaker for Celtics’ star

Arun Sharma
|Published May 19, 2022

Jayson Tatum may be a Jordan Brand’s signature athlete – doesn’t mean he gets good shoes

Not since the Air Jordan 17 has Jordan Brand made a good sneaker for the public. They made a slight resurgence when they made the 34, but that was it. It’s been 19 years, and no one – not even the JB athletes get good shoes. Jayson Tatum seems to be the face of the brand, but even he hasn’t had any hits so far.

MJ got his Ferrari 355-inspired model 14, and JT seems to have gotten a Mustang-inspired one. Only it looks like absolute trash. How can one make such a bad representation from such a beautiful inspiration of a car? Nike and JB have dropped the ball on this design, doing Tatum wrong.

The Mustang is such a beautiful car – classic American muscle. Nothing of this shoe, in particular, says Mustang, American muscle, or even good design. They look like cheap plastic versions of the actual Ferrari 14s one could buy in Thailand.

Not everything is “Back to the Future”, where people are wearing self-lacing shoes and riding pink hoverboards. Oh wait, that did happen, 7 years ago.

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Jayson Tatum is hoping to play in his first NBA Finals – hope Jordan Brand gives him better-looking shoes then

At the age of 24, Jayson Tatum may be all primed to make his first finals appearance. He’s been in the league for 5 years now and is ready to make the jump into the big leagues. Having beaten the reigning champions, maybe he can lead the Celtics to glory.

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But not with shoes that look like this. How would he look while he’s making play after play while wearing something straight from Walmart?

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Can’t think of a reason why these shoes even exist. Even if they were prototypes, why did Tatum approve of them? Just because it has Deuce on them, he must have said yes.

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Zion Williamson had his Naruto collaboration, that was a flop. They should learn at some point, that sneaker design need not be futuristic, it just needs to be good. Learn from Tinker Hatfield and how he held Michael Jordan to stay with Nike. How can one not learn from that fiasco, and have Tinker give some pointers?

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