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Watch: When 6-Foot Allen Iverson Hilariously Clowned Chuck Hayes for ‘Traveling’ While Shooting Free-Throws

Arjun Julka

Watch: When 6-Foot Allen Iverson Hilariously Clowned Chuck Hayes for 'Traveling' While Shooting Free-Throws

The free-throw plague isn’t a new phenomenon in the NBA. In the past, we have seen some of the biggest names tremble at the foul line. The most notable case is that of Ben Simmons, who hit the worst phase of his career, given the ‘Hack A Simmons’ during the 2021 playoff series against the Atlanta Hawks.

Speaking of the free throw being an Achilles Heel for many players, one cannot help but mention the case of former Rockets player Chuck Hayes. The 6ft 8″ center had an unusual shooting form, which seemed like a glitch, given his delayed shooting action.

Nonetheless, nothing overtakes his traveling while shooting a free throw, which took place during the Nuggets-Rockets game in 2007. Going to the line, Hayes stood in an awkward stance, moving his pivot as he released the ball only to hit the front side of the rim.

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Allen Iverson, who was present at the site, couldn’t control his laugh while calling out Hayes for traveling.

Watch: Allen Iverson troll Chuck Hayes’ free throw shooting.

At the time, Iverson played for the Nuggets, shooting an impressive 80% from the free-throw line in the 2007-08 season. A first-hand witness to Hayes’ outlandish shooting at the foul line, the former MVP would clown the Rockets forward in the following clip.

Surprisingly, missing the free throws wasn’t the highlight of the clip, but Hayes traveling while shooting left most of us puzzled. The league referred to the former NBA players’ delayed shooting as a hitch, which even caused lane violations.

During the latter years of his career, Hayes continued suffering from the same hitch, including his time in Toronto.

Chuck Hayes’ career free throw percentage.

Going undrafted in 2005, Hayes earned himself a contract with the Houston Rockets, given the injuries plaguing the team at the time. Nevertheless, the former Kentucky player sustained 11 years in the NBA, averaging an unimpressive 3.7 PPG, 5.0 RPG, and 1.2 APG.

Infamous for his free throw shooting, Hayes shot a career 62.0% from the free throw line, making 0.5 of his 0.8 attempts.

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Arjun Julka

Arjun Julka


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