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“Giannis makes his free throws in longer time than the Olympics 110m hurdles”: NBA fans hilariously troll Bucks’ 2-time MVP and 2021 NBA champion for his abysmal free throw shooting routine

Arjun Julka

"Giannis makes his free throws in longer time than the Olympics 110m hurdles": NBA fans hilariously troll Bucks' 2-time MVP and 2021 NBA champion for his abysmal free throw shooting routine

NBA fans mercillessly trolled Giannis Antetokounmpo for his free throw routine, noting how the 110m Hurdles event finishes quicker.

The Milwaukee Bucks were crowned 2021 NBA champions, ending their 50-year drought. The Greek Freak won his first Finals MVP at the age of 26. Giannis had staggering statistics during his performances in the Finals.

The former DPOY joined the ranks of Shaquille O’ Neal and Michael Jordan with his Finals performances. Giannis had 3 games with 40-points, including Game 6, where he torched a 50-point performance.

Though Giannis’ Finals performances silenced his critics and naysayers, the Greek Freak was under the radar during the playoffs, owing to his poor performances in the past playoffs.

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One of Giannis’ major limitations as a player has been his free-throw shooting. There is no doubt that the superstar is a dominant force in the paint.

However, the 5x NBA All-Star has struggled to shoot the ball since the very beginning.

Giannis Antentokounmpo violated the 10 second rule during the playoffs at least twice

Though the Bucks swept the Miami Heat in the first round of the 2021 playoffs, Giannis had a tough time shooting from the free-throw line, shooting a disappointing 58.7%.

The Bucks superstar had a whole drill that he would perform before shooting the ball. The drill included standing at the line practicing the free throw motion before the referee gave the ball. This was followed by dribbling for a few seconds and then shooting the ball.

The 26-year old was even called for his violations during a few instances. There is no doubt that the crowd on the road can be brutal, especially during the playoffs. Free throw shooting is definitely more of a mental game, as mentioned by many NBA veterans in the past.

Thus during away matches, Giannis would have a tough time with the crowd having a 10 seconds countdown that would undoubtedly be faster than the clock.

If this wasn’t enough, the internet, which is quick to catch on the minutest details, dug up a video of a 110m hurdle race and put Giannis shooting a free throw in the same frame.

In the above video, Giannis takes 13 seconds to shoot his free throws, during which a 110m hurdle race is completed.
However, Giannis was able to elevate his free-throw shooting to a whole new level during the Finals. This was especially true in Game 6. The Bucks superstar made 17 of his 19 free throws, thus shooting 89.5% from the foul line.

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Arjun Julka

Arjun Julka


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