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“We gotta learn how to maintain our energy, even when our shots aren’t falling”: Warriors’ Stephen Curry accepts responsibility for tonight’s meltdown loss against Luka Doncic and the Mavericks

Raahib Singh

"We gotta learn how to maintain our energy, even when our shots aren't falling": Warriors' Stephen Curry accepts responsibility for tonight's meltdown loss against Luka Doncic and the Mavericks

Warriors’ Stephen Curry talks to the media after the loss against the Mavericks talks about how this should serve as a lesson

The Golden State Warriors suffered one of their worst losses this season tonight. Hosting the Dallas Mavericks, the Dubs got off to a flyer of a start, taking a 21-point lead in the third. However, after that, things started going downwards, and Mavericks started clawing their way back in. The Dubs put a halt to that and ended the third with a 14-point advantage.

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Coming to the fourth, it seemed like the Warriors ran out of gas. They could not get a single shot to fall, and that helped the Mavericks chip at their lead. The Warriors went 5/21 in the 4th, and could only manage to score 13 points. There was an 8 minute period in the 4th quarter, where the Dubs could not manage to get a single field goal to fall. This is the second straight home meltdown for Stephen Curry and co. Steph talked about the same after the game and talked about what went wrong.

“Once our shots stopped falling, we started to get deflated”: Stephen Curry on what went wrong

For the first 36 minutes of the game, we saw great basketball from the Warriors. They were playing so well, that we didn’t miss Klay Thompson‘s absence. However, in the next 12 minutes, the entire script flipped. The Warriors could not get a single shot to fall! This led to the Mavericks going on a 32-8 run.

Most of that run happened with Luka Doncic on the bench. Once the Mavericks were close to taking the lead, they brought Doncic back in, and he wrapped the job for them. After the game, Stephen Curry sat down and talked about what went wrong.

“The point where we started missing shots, that started affecting our defense. We played great defense for 36 minutes and gave ourselves a huge lead, great momentum, really felt like we had the game under control. For whatever reason, our energy switched when we missed a couple of shots, they come down and scored, we got deflated… Can’t stop the avalanche.”

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Steph talked about how this could be something that could help them prepare for any similar playoff situation.

The Warriors now head on a four-game road trip, where they’d like to change the current situation.

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