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“What if Cleveland Drafts Bronny James?”: Paul Pierce Getting Candid on His Desire For LeBron James to End Career in Cleveland Alongside Son

Shubham Singh

"What if Cleveland Drafts Bronny James?": Paul Pierce Getting Candid On His Desire For LeBron James to End Career in Cleveland Alongside Son

Since Bronny James declared for the 2024 NBA Draft, it has triggered a series of “What Ifs”. As the draft is inching closer, speculations about him landing an NBA spot, and potentially teaming up with his dad LeBron James, have grown rife. Now, Paul Pierce is pondering the possibility of the Cleveland Cavaliers drafting LeBron James’ son. Will the former Cavaliers superstar, who led them to their only championship in 2016, return for one last dance in his home state of Ohio?

On ‘UNDISPUTED’, the Truth expressed that the Lakers have been at the peripheries of playoffs for the past few seasons. And if the Cavs draft Bronny, LeBron James might be lured by the prospects of finishing his career with the team that drafted him in 2003.

Let’s just say Cleveland drafts Bronny that might entice Bron to go back to Cleveland. Why not finish your last days where you started?” Paul Pierce asked Keyshawn Johnson and Skip Bayless.

While making the case for LBJ’s return to the Cavs, he posited that the scenario makes sense as Bronny “grew up watching” the Cavs. If the 4x MVP returns to the Cavaliers and ends his career playing alongside his son, for Pierce, it would make for a “perfect” ending to his career.

The former Celtic also added the Lakers might draft the USC guard in the first round to avoid the departure of LeBron James. While they have the 17th pick in the first found, the Cavaliers have the 20th pick. Thus, the 2024 draft night could see an intriguing battle for Bronny James.

Is the father-son duo on the cards?

Chandler Parsons also believes the Cleveland Cavaliers could draft Bronny James to entice LeBron James. On the ‘Run It Back’ podcast, when his co-host Michelle Beadle brought out the possibility of their team-up, the former Rockets Wing showed hesitation in touching upon the topic.

He touched upon how LeBron James’ long-term agent, Rich Paul, could make something work to bring the father-son duo together.

Mandatory Credit: Maria Lysaker-USA TODAY Sports

He did admit that a LeBron-Bronny team-up in Cleveland makes for an intriguing storyline as Bronny was born in Cleveland while his father was peaking in the NBA,

“It makes perfect sense. His [Bronny’s] agent’s sitting there, it’s where Bronny was born, it’s where everything started. Not to mention they kinda need a small forward…it makes too much sense for me not to make sense of it. I have to.”

While there is a lot of sentimentality behind the notion of the Cavs drafting Bronny James, it isn’t set in stone. The 6’4” athlete is still ways removed from being a viable NBA player which means utilizing a valuable draft pick on him could be risky.

Additionally, will just drafting Bronny James lure LeBron to finish his career in a championship-contending roster? The NBA Draft night on 26 June will be a huge step in determining the future of the father and the son.

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