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“Russell Westbrook Causing Ty Lue THE SAME PROBLEMS!?”: Skip Bayless Questions as Clippers Coach Benches Brodie in Crucial Moments

Akash Murty

"Russell Westbrook Causing Ty Lue THE SAME PROBLEMS!?": Skip Bayless Questions as Clippers Coach Benches Brodie in Crucial Time

Russell Westbrook has been with the Clippers for just two games and somehow they have lost both games despite playing some terrific basketball offensively. Both those games could not finish in four quarters and went to overtime(s).

After their 176-175 loss against the Kings which went to 2OTs, the Clips visited Denver and took the Nuggets to an OT as well. And although Russ, before fouling out, played most of the crucial minutes in the prior game, he had to sit most of the final few minutes against the Nuggets.

That might be the reason why Skip Bayless thinks Brodie might have already set Ty Lue off the way he did Dravin Ham with Purple and Gold.

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Skip Bayless thinks Russell Westbrook might already present some problems for Ty Lue

Russell Westbrook might have changed jerseys after joining across-the-hall rivals of his former employers in LA, but things might not change for him and his digressing career.

Russ put up 17 points, with 5 boards, and 4 assists against The Joker and his #1 team in the mere 25 minutes he got to play, but still Lue did not want to put him in while closing the game, neither at the end of forth or of the OT.

Fox Sports analyst Skip Bayless had his conspiracy theory ready for it.

NOW WE SEE: Ty Lue chose not to play starter Westbrook in the 4th quarteR, Clips battled back to force overtime. Looked like Westbrook sat at end of the bench not participating in sideline huddles or bench cheering. WILL HE START CAUSING LUE THE SAME PROBLEMS HE CAUSED DARVIN HAM?

If anything he is guessing is half the truth, we would not see Westbrook getting even the many minutes that he is getting currently or he will be coming off the bench behind Bones Hyland maybe.

Were the Clippers right in getting Brodie?

This Kawhi Leonard and Paul George starring team has been in the search of a typical playmaker for a long time. Having tried several since the duo joined forces on this side of LA, the Clips decided to go with Brodie after getting rid of Reggie Jackson and John Wall, both of whom were not shooting the ball well.

Replacing them with as poor and willing a shooter as Russ would not solve their problem. Instead, it can make things much worse than they already were if Westbrook all of a sudden starts believing he is still the superstar Russ.

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Akash Murty

Akash Murty


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