“You need Dr. Phil to understand what is going through Scottie Pippen’s mind”: Charles Barkley addresses the Bulls veteran’s recent controversial statements on the Dan Patrick Show

Arjun Julka
|Published 16/11/2021

Phoenix Suns legend Charles Barkley talks about Scottie Pippen’s controversial comments in light of the latter’s recently released memo, Unguarded. 

Six-time NBA champion Scottie Pippen has been all over the headlines lately, owing to his controversial statements in his recently released memoir, Unguarded. The former Bulls forward has heavily criticized his peers, including Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, and Isiah Thomas.

However, MJ has been the prime target of Pippen’s fault-finding. The seven-time All-Star has left no stone unturned to condemn his Airness. Pippen has used terms such as selfish, condescending, and worst teammate for Jordan. Recently, Pippen went too far, saying that MJ ruined the game of basketball.

The six-time NBA champion called out his former Houston Rockets teammate Charles Barkley as well. Pippen remarked that Barkley showed a lack of dedication during the time they were in Houston.

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Recently, Charles Barkley appeared on the Dan Patrick Show and would talk about Pippen’s comments, especially on Jordan. The former MVP believed Pippen was itching publicity for his memoir.

Charles Barkley addresses Scottie Pippen’s controversial statements in the latter’s recently released memo.

Over the years, NBA fans all over the globe viewed Pippen and Jordan as the ideal basketball duo there ever was. The two legends brought the city of Chicago six championships and worked seamlessly as a single unit on the hardwood.

Though they worked great as a duo on the basketball court, the two never really shared a bond off the court. Pippen’s recent remarks were heartbreaking news for NBA fans all over the globe.

Former Rockets teammate Charles Barkley would address Pippen’s controversial comments in the Dan Patrick Show. When asked about what was going through Pippen’s mind, Barkley remarked you need Dr. Phil, you need everybody.

“Well Dan, even myself, when people talk about me, they get to bring up stupid stuff I did. So, whatever happens, happens. You don’t get to get mad about it. The stuff that Michael said in The Last Dance was true, but I don’t think it was Michael’s intention to roast Scottie. Like I say, I just think that it seems like, first of all, if you want to say these things, just say them. Don’t put them in a book!”

The eleven-time All-Star added,

“That’s the only problem I have with a lot of these things. If he wants to come on The Dan Patrick Show and say some things, I got no problem with that if he wants to say his opinion. But when you bring all this stuff up, and you just happen to have a book coming out, that’s what I think is the problem everybody’s having now.

Scottie’s just trying to sell books. I don’t think he’s worried about relationships down the line, friendships down the line. I think he’s just trying to sell books!”

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Earlier this year, Barkley had stated that Pippen was burning all his bridges to sell his memoir. The TNT analyst questioned the timing of the Bulls veteran’s comments since the latter had a book coming out.


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