“You never know what LaMelo Ball is going to do!”: Miles Bridges describes the joy of playing alongside Melo as the Hornets superstar matures under Michael Jordan’s tutelage

Amulya Shekhar
|Published 09/03/2022

LaMelo Ball is one of the most enjoyable players to watch in the NBA. Miles Bridges breaks down just how fulfilling it is to finish his lobs.

Reaching a level of finesse in executing skill moves requires hundreds, thousands of dedicated hours of practice. And when you see LaMelo Ball in action, you realize that this guy has put in all of that, and more.

His flair with the ball is truly a sight to behold. At times, it seems like he’s got Steph-like ability to get into a flow and just keep torching defenses. There have been many occasions this year when Melo’s broken through and had big scoring nights.

His offensive package seems adequate to stand him in good stead as a scorer. But perhaps the most exciting facet of his game is the way that he facilitates his teammates.

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Melo started his rookie season off as an exemplary passer in transition but was comparatively limited in the halfcourt. That has changed over the recent past. The youngest Ball brother has now become adept at maneuvering defenses and manufacturing open shots.

Miles Bridges describes how enjoyable playing with LaMelo Ball is

Miles Bridges is one of the chief beneficiaries of LaMelo Ball’s passing and presence of mind. The 4th year forward was recently a guest with Draymond Green on the Warriors DPOY’s podcast show.

Among the first questions that Draymond asked Miles was about what the most striking aspect of LaMelo Ball and his play is. Bridges replied thus:

“Just the excitement that he brings to the game. You never know what he’s gonna do, you know? You might think he’s going up for a regular lob, he’ll go between the legs and throw it up.”

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