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“Logan Never Returned My Rings”: Patrick Mahomes Jokes About Super Bowl Rings Given to WWE Star Being Totally Real

Yagya Bhargava

“Logan Never Returned My Rings”: Patrick Mahomes Jokes About Super Bowl Rings Given to WWE Star Being Totally Real

Just a month after Jason Kelce’s unexpected WWE cameo, it was Patrick Mahomes’ turn to spread delight among the wrestling fanbase. The Chiefs’ superstar not only sat among the crowds but also shockingly handed off his three prized Super Bowl rings to Logan Paul, who wielded them as a knuckle weapon while battering Jey Uso. But greater mysteries remained: Were those actual, authentic Super Bowl rings that Patrick Mahomes handed over to Paul?

Patrick Mahomes clarified the burning question when he joined Pat McAfee on his show recently. With a sly smirk, the QB revealed, “They were real. What are you talking about?”

Interestingly, Mahomes then added that Paul still hasn’t returned his three priceless rings and asked the host if he could lend a hand in getting them back. “Logan never gave my rings back,” he told McAfee. “If you want to get them back for me.” Consequently, McAfee could only respond with amused befuddlement: “It’s what you signed up for!”

Later that night, Mahomes and Paul posed for a behind-the-scenes snap, with the two-time Super Bowl MVP sporting an iced-out “Prime” pendant. Moreover, the Kansas City Chiefs superstar also linked up with WWE’s chief content officer and wrestling legend Triple H for a photo-op between iconic champions.

Triple H Extends an Open WWE Invitation to Patrick Mahomes

Could Patrick Mahomes’ next touchdown dance be in a WWE ring? As it turns out, the NFL’s golden boy may have his sights set on an entirely new arena — the hallowed squared circle of WWE.

During the candid chat on “The Pat McAfee Show,” the quarterback admitted he was champing at the bit to showcase his athleticism in front of the WWE universe.

“The WWE thing was awesome. That thing was sweet. I wish I actually got in the ring, man. I gotta show off my skills a little bit,” Mahomes confessed, barely containing his enthusiasm.

Those comments reverberated through the wrestling world, quickly catching the attention of the game’s elite kingpin — Triple H himself. Never one to let burgeoning talent slip through the cracks, the WWE executive seized the opportunity, extending an open invitation to Mahomes via his official X account:

“Hey, Patrick Mahomes…you have an open invitation. Let me know when.”

Could Mahomes’ foray into sports entertainment be more than a one-off cameo? As visions of dropkicks and bodyslams intermingle with thoughts of Lombardi Trophies, fans now await with bated breath for the answer.

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