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$165 million Russell Wilson’s ‘Why Not You’ attitude helped him land Ciara Wilson and publish a children’s book

Shubham Bhargav

$165 million Russell Wilson's 'Why Not You' attitude helped him land Ciara Wilson and publish a children's book

NFL superstar Russell Wilson has co-authored a children’s book along with his wife Ciara to help kids grow with the right kind of attitude.

This offseason has been a truly remarkable one. Several big names changing teams, top WRs hitting the jackpot, Brady’s retirement and un-retirement, it has been nothing short of a dramatic Hollywood flick filled with twists and turns.

Among all that, one signing that probably raised a lot of eyebrows was that of star QB Russell Wilson. Wilson was traded to the Broncos this year after featuring for Seahawks for almost a decade.

In fact, as soon Wilson’s inclusion was confirmed by the Broncos, demand for the star QB’s Denver jersey skyrocketed. Things are going on well for the QB away from the football field as well. Along with his wife Ciara, Russell recently launched a children’s book which the power couple has authored.

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Russell Wilson and Ciara Wilson aim to inspire kids with their book “Why Not You”

Titled “why Not You,” Russell and Ciara aim to inspire kids with their book which is focussed on the mindset that allowed both the celebrities to achieve enormous success. “For me it was in the words. My parents spoke life into me,” Ciara told ESSENCE while talking about the inspiration behind writing the book.

I didn’t have a lot, but I had a why not you attitude. Also seeing my parents make it happen with the little that we had also inspired me. For me, that was my way of my why not attitude, they supported me and my dreams,” Ciara added.

When Russell was asked what pushed him to dream big, he claimed, “for me, growing up, my dad and my mom used to always ask, ‘Son, why not you? Why don’t you graduate early, why don’t you play pro-football and pro-baseball? Why not you?’ And that was a subconscious question that I think we all have to ask ourselves sometimes in life.

Moreover, when asked how he was able to woo his now wife Ciara, Wilson stated, “I asked myself that question. ‘Why not you Russ, Why not you?’ Shoot. Everybody talking about the prayer. I was asking myself ‘Why not you?’ and that’s how we got here.

The couple has been blessed with two wonderful kids. Win Harrison Wilson and Sienna Princess Wilson. Ciara also has a son named Future Zahir Wilbum with rapper Future.

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