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$180 Million QB Kirk Cousins Reveals He is Still Living in His In-Law’s Basement in Atlanta


Kirk Cousins Once Helped Impossible Foods Raise $300,000,000 With Serena Williams and Other Celebrities

Kirk Cousins is one frugal man. After making his historic and financially lucrative move to Atlanta, the QB is currently crashing in his in-law’s basement.

While many QBs of his stature would immediately buy a new house, Cousins likes to take his sweet time. In his appearance on ‘The Big Podcast with Shaq,’ Falcons’ newest QB revealed that he and his family have been chilling in his in-law’s basement till they find a new place. Revealing that he’s been living there for a week and a half now, Cousins explained that it’s taking longer to find a new house since he likes to walk through the houses and take his sweet time.

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Kirk Cousins is as simple and down to earth as one can get, a stark contrast to many new QBs, who start making bad financial decisions the minute they start earning the big bucks. NFL is rife with stories of bad financial planning among players, but not Kirk. Living with his in-laws works perfectly since they’re located in Atlanta.

Despite his whopping $180 million contract, Cousins did not jump into buying a house straight away. Cousins’ approach to house buying is the opposite of host Shaq’s estate-buying habits. Shaq revealed he likes to buy houses online, and has “never walked through a house” before buying.

Kirk Cousins is a Regular Patron of His In-Laws’ Basement

This is not the first time Kirk Cousins has taken shelter in his in-laws’ basement. Actually, he’s been a regular boarder of the fine establishment. In 2017, Cousins told GQ that he and his wife either spent the offseason in his in-laws’ basement or in his parents’ basement.

He confirmed on the podcast that he’s spent most of his off-seasons in his in-laws’ basement as he was on one-year contracts and didn’t know where he would end up next. So instead of buying a house in every new city, he would just make use of his in-laws’ hospitality.

Even with the Vikings, he and his family preferred to stay with the in-laws’ during the off-season as it is warmer in Atlanta than in Minnesota. It seems Cousins not only has a healthy relationship with his money, but also with his in-laws!

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