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Allen Robinson Contract 2023: Star Receiver Seeks Trade Offers as Rams Struggle With Salary Cap Issues

Arjun Sukumaran

Allen Robinson Looking For Major Contract Extension, Seeking $100 Million Reportedly

It seems Allen Robinson might be parting ways with the Los Angeles Rams this season. Reports suggest that the Rams have allowed Robinson his trade request, and are also willing to bear part of his salary expectations in order to get a deal done. Some may be wondering if the Rams need to let go of Robinson, if they can’t keep him around to see if things improve. In all honesty, they don’t seem to have a choice.

So why are the Rams letting Robinson go? Firstly, his performance in the 2022 season was bad. Though the Rams were not all that great either, Robinson did not set himself apart from the pack. Secondly, and perhaps the most important factor is his contract. Many believe giving him a 3-year extension was a massive blunder, second only to the Broncos trading for Russell Wilson.

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Why is Allen Robinson’s contract so concerning for the Rams

Simply put, Robinson’s contract spells disaster for the Rams in terms of salary caps. Robinson’s contract has two void years attached to it, which makes this contract even bulkier than it should have been. Getting him to produce on the field is not a far-fetched option. However, it is far unlikely that the Rams will want to take a gamble with him again.

Trading seems to be the better option if the Rams are bent on parting with him. Cutting him from the roster does not offer much relief financially, whether it is pre or post-June. However, other teams could take advantage of this dire situation, and maybe wrestle a draft pick or two. There are numerous cap-free teams who need a receiver, and any of them could fit Allen Robinson within their ranks.

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Which team can Allen Robinson go to if he wants to once again prove his worth?

The most obvious spot for any WR’s redemption arc right now seems to be the Kansas City Chiefs. Though, it is possible that Robinson sticks out like a sore thumb in the current Super Bowl champions’ offense. Maybe he’s better off with the Bears, shaping a new offense around Justin Fields. Or maybe, he can join a team that is on the verge of signing a rookie QB in the draft. The possibilities are almost endless.

The 29-year-old receiver is by no means done with the NFL. The 61st overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft has not failed to impress those who have been watching him since. If he is somehow able to channel his 2015 self back for the next season, there is no doubt that he can safely get another contract extension to stay in the NFL. Who will give it to him, though?

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