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Amid Intense QB1 Battle, Veteran Russell Wilson Reveals How He Plans to Aid Justin Fields

Nidheesh Kumar

Justin Fields and Russell Wilson

Justin Fields and Russell Wilson encountered a similar setback in February 2024 before the Steelers’ deal in March. Wilson had a dismal run with the Broncos, while the Bears closed the doors on Fields to pursue Caleb Williams. Notably, the duo breathed a sigh of relief when they joined the same team in a gap of 13 days. Despite this move increasing the competition for the QB1 spot, Wilson expressed strong support for Fields in a recent press conference.

The former Broncos QB shed light on his relationship with Fields, and how he wants to collaborate with the young talent. Wilson, 35, and the 25-year-old Fields have a long-standing friendship that dates back to Fields’ days in college. Talking about it, Wilson said during a recent press-conference,

“Justin and I have known each other for the past several years…We used to text each other all the time. Now we’re in the same room. Every day I am trying to be my best, so I can show him and vice versa. We want to continue to challenge one another, and be the best version we can be.

The battle for the QB1 spot has been a long debate that started since Kenny Pickett left the team. Earlier, Steelers HC Mike Tomlin clarified that the former Broncos QB would get the nod in the initial games.

Tomlin spoke about the similarities between Wilson and Fields, calling them ‘franchise-like’ QBs. He added that he is not “surprised” about the healthy competition between the two.

Meanwhile, Fields, who wants to prove his critics wrong, detailed his plans for the 2024 season. He passed a strong reality check to Wilson with a major admission.  

Justin Fields wants to compete with Russell Wilson

The 25-year-old QB has revealed that he will look to outmatch the former Super Bowl winner and nine-time Pro Bowler, Russell Wilson. Fields, not keen on being sidelined as QB2, admitted that he is not planning to sit on the bench for one year.

Fields shared his opinion in an honest press conference;

“I’m definitely competing. I think Russ knows that we’re competing against each other every day. Him being out there pushing me, that has to make you get better, especially to each other. I definitely don’t have the mindset of me just sitting all year.” 

In the 2023 season, Wilson had a passer rating of 98.0 with 3,070 yards, 26 touchdowns, and 8 interceptions in 15 games. In comparison, Justin Fields had a passer rating of 86.3 with 2,562 yards, 16 touchdowns, and 9 interceptions in 13 games. Despite Wilson’s statistical edge, the former Bears star is all set to give the senior QB a run for his money this season. 

Post Edited By:Satagni Sikder

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