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Amid Ongoing Trade Drama, Lamar Jackson’s Vulgar Response to a Critic (Now Deleted) Catches Fire

Deepesh Nair

Amid Ongoing Trade Drama, Lamar Jackson’s Vulgar Response to a Critic (Now Deleted) Resurfaces

The situation is quite twisted for Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson who is struggling to find a multi-year deal ahead of the 2023 season. Amid his contract drama that continues to make headlines, an old, controversial tweet from Jackson has resurfaced. It was one of the rarest mistakes he committed, tarnishing his image in the public domain.

Since last year, the Louisville product has turned out to be a hot topic in the NFL arena. Despite his peers bagging fully-guaranteed multi-million dollar contracts, Jackson failed to come up with an agreement. His frustration was clearly visible during the 2022 regular season game, where he publicly cussed a fan on Twitter, sparking numerous debates online.

When Lamar Jackson lost his cool over a petty tweet

The incident happened following the Ravens’ game against the Jaguars. Jackson lost the football afternoon by a narrow margin (28-27) and seemed quite disappointed with his overall performance.

Despite his team appearing as the clear favorites, he failed to convert the game and fell short of some crucial points. This raised many eyebrows about his capabilities, and one of the fans poked him by asking online whether it was necessary to offer him an extension.

Without a second thought, Jackson replied with a vulgar tweet and vented his frustration. In no time, this comment circulated like wildfire on social media. Even experts and NFL pundits called him out for making such immature comments. Soon, the Ravens’ management came forward to address the situation, and head coach John Harbaugh assured the fans to have talked with the passer.

“I apologize if I hurt feelings out there,” Jackson said later. “What I take from this experience…don’t say nothing on Twitter. Don’t say what I said ’cause it’s kids watching.” he added, per Sporting News.

What’s the current status of Jackson’s extension?

As expected, the Ravens’ management slapped their long-time quarterback with a non-exclusive franchise tag. That means he can accept an offer sheet from any other team, and within two weeks, the Ravens can either match this offer or let him go in exchange for two future first-round picks from that particular team, a hard bargain at this point that most of the sides would hesitate to agree upon.

While this back-and-forth became a debatable issue among his fans, Jackson came forward to address the situation. He revealed to have requested a trade from the Ravens organization, and so far, they haven’t responded with a viable solution.

Although head coach John Harbaugh tried to play this overall drama safe, things are getting out of control. Before July 2023, fans will get more clarity on whether Jackson will stay in Baltimore or pack his bags for a new city.

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