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Amidst Major Backlash and Unending Controversy, Kay Adams Limelights Stefon Diggs’ Highlights in Buffalo

Anushree Gupta

Amidst Major Backlash and Unending Controversy, Kay Adams Limelights Stefon Diggs' Highlights in Buffalo

A major backlash has filled the Buffalo Bills with an unending controversy surrounding Stefon Diggs‘ sudden departure. As Diggs embraces his altered allegiance to the Houston Texans, his tensions with the Bills’ front office and cryptic messages on social media have never left the conversation. Shedding light on the situation, Kay Adams reminded fans of Diggs’ achievements during his time in Buffalo and his impact on quarterback Josh Allen’s performance.

On the ‘Up & Adams Show’, Adams started with, “Stefon was critical and paramount in helping Josh take his game to the next level.” It’s no news that Diggs has presented over 1,100 yards in his last five seasons and tallied 43 touchdowns. His remarkable statistics forced Adams to assert,

“Make no mistake: Stefon Diggs was that dude took his game to a next level,” adding, “You can’t live in a cloud of denial when you talk about what he meant to this team.”

Kay Adams also expressed frustration over the knee-jerk reactions and adamant statements made by fans and analysts without empirical knowledge. Meanwhile, Brandon Beane, the Bills’ general manager, addressed the trade, acknowledging the challenges after Stefon Diggs’ exit.

Though the story has its nuances, Diggs’ exit from the Bills squad is similar to his former divorce from the Vikings four years ago, making it quite intriguing. Amidst the change, a whirlwind of speculations has also filled the air with questions looming about his future in the league.

Stefon Diggs’ Re-Structured Contract

After a 4-year-long stint with the Bills, Diggs has found his new home in Houston, adding much-needed firepower to the already explosive CJ Stroud-led Texans. But what’s more astonishing is the contractual arrangement surrounding the move.

What was initially supposed to be a four-year-long contract with the Houston Texans later saw a huge uplift. ESPN’s Adam Schefter broke the news that according to a part of their deal, the Texans decided to void the three remaining years in Stefon Diggs’ contract after the 2024 season, effectively making him a free agent in 2025. Despite this, Diggs will receive a substantial raise for the upcoming season, with the $3.5 million guaranteed in 2025 being added to his $19 million earnings for the current season.

But why would the Texans opt for just a one-year deal with Diggs? Schefter believes that the club wants the best version of Diggs by the end of the 2024 season, so they can negotiate a more lucrative extension. Despite being a nine-year NFL veteran who will turn 31 in November, Stefon Diggs appears to be betting on his excellence.

Furthermore, the contractual adjustment isn’t the only intriguing aspect of Diggs’ move to Houston. With his arrival confirmed, the Texans and Stefon Diggs’ social media channels have been buzzing with excitement. The star wideout himself expressed his enthusiasm to join the team and get to work as soon as possible. It will sure be interesting to see how far he and CJ Stroud go this season.

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