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Analyst Reveals What Separates Caleb Williams From the Rest: “Everyone’s Gonna Compare Him to Patrick Mahomes”

Aniket Srivastava

Analyst Reveals What Separates Caleb Williams From the Rest: "Everyone's Gonna Compare Him to Patrick Mahomes"

Ever since Caleb Williams declared for the 2024 NFL draft, experts have been tipping him as the No. 1 overall pick. Now, with the Chicago Bears holding the coveted first slot this year, it’s a fitting match as they have already traded their QB1, Justin Fields. But why is Caleb Williams getting so much attention, and what makes him stand out? If you are wondering the same, then ESPN’s College GameDay analyst Kirk Herbstreit has all the answers.

Kirk Herbstreit recently appeared on the Pat McAfee Show and delved into what sets him apart from other quarterbacks in the upcoming draft. Kirk recalled the first game he ever called of Caleb, which took place in Dallas while he was playing for the Oklahoma Sooners. This matchup was particularly significant as Williams stepped in for the then Sooners starting QB Spencer Rattler, who was being considered a top contender for the Heisman in 2021.

In that very game, the Sooners, with Caleb at the helm, made an astonishing comeback from a 21-point deficit against the Longhorns, and the rest, as they say, is ‘history’. Since then, Herbstreit has been keeping a close eye on him.

Nonetheless, the College Gameday analyst believes Caleb Williams’ physical abilities and his knack for getting out of the pocket when necessary and creating breath-taking plays have always been a central point of discussion. Due to this, he is often compared to the three time Super Bowl champion Patrick Mahomes. Kirk also predicted that everyone would finally get to see what he brings to the table and how the players around him grow after Caleb lands in Chicago.

“But I think what separates him is what you can see on these highlights — his physical skill set is, is you know, everyone’s gonna compare him to Patrick Mahomes,” Kirk said. “It’s his ability to create… A of times he’s getting outside, and he’s off platforming and he’s creating.

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Notably, Williams has been exceptionally well, in the last two seasons with the USC Trojans. In 2022, he played in 14 games and recorded an impressive 4537 yards, 42 touchdowns and just five interceptions, even earning the Heisman nod. Moreover, his last season too was equally promising where he racked up 3,633 yards, 30 touchdowns and again five interceptions, as per Sports Reference.

However, Kirk still believes Williams needs to work on consistency and playing within the structure of his team’s offense. While Williams can make surprising plays while on the move, Herbstreit stressed the importance of being able to execute simpler plays more consistently.

Kirk Herbstreit Breaks Down Caleb Williams’ Pro Day Performance

Kirk Herbstreit mentioned that he has heard various analyses of Caleb Williams’ Pro Day, but according to him, the young quarterback kept a straightforward approach. Calebs didn’t try to impress with different flashy moves, but instead, he focused on throwing from the pocket, showing his confidence in that aspect of his game.

Moreover, according to Herbstreit, another thing that sets Caleb apart is his experience in playing football as a starting quarterback. The former USC star definitely possesses more physical talent than most other prospects in recent memory, and he currently has a bright future ahead.

However, if Caleb Williams joins the Chicago Bears, he faces the big challenge of turning around the team’s playoff drought of the past three seasons. It won’t be easy, especially as a rookie. But surely, if the Bears do draft him, they will put their utmost faith in the star QB to lead them to success.

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