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Bengals’ Official Account Blatantly Roasts Ravens Fan for Trolling Their 57-Year Super Bowl Drought

Anushree Gupta

Bengals’ Official Account Blatantly Roasts Ravens Fan for Trolling Their 57-Year Super Bowl Drought

It is certainly turning out to be a season of roasts! The Cincinnati Bengals celebrated their birthday online, inviting fans to participate in an open roast session for the second year in a row. Given that the team has yet to win a Super Bowl, a Ravens fan decided to get his hands dirty and take a shot at his team’s biggest divisional rivals. However, it arguably cost him his reputation on the internet.

During the Brngals’ social media challenge, a Ravens fan attempted to troll the team with the comment that said, “57 years and no rings. Start a family, bro.”

The Bengals’ official account quickly fired back with, “We didn’t ask about your love life,” turning the tables and drawing applause from their followers.

Though the Cincinnati Bengals have not yet tasted a Super Bowl victory, their history is rich with significant achievements. In 1981, the club claimed their first AFC Conference Championship. They repeated this glorious moment in 1988, proving that their earlier win was no fluke. Moreover, their most recent conference championship came in 2021.

Division championships have been another area of success for the Bengals. In the early days, they set the AFC Central on fire, securing titles in 1970, 1973, 1981, 1988, and 1990. As the league evolved and divisions were realigned, the Bengals continued their dominance in the AFC North, capturing titles in 2005, 2009, 2013, 2015, 2021, and 2022.

In 2024, the Bengals, led by Joe Burrow in his fourth year with the team, are filled with optimism. Last season, they finished last in their AFC North division, but their spirits are high, as evident from their social media game.

Cincinnati Bengals Had More Victims Than Just One Ravens Fan

The Cincinnati Bengals have once again lifted spirits off the field by roasting fans online in celebration of their birthday. For the second straight year, the Bengals’ social media team invited fans to an open roast session, and the results were obviously hilarious. The call to action was clear:

“For the second year in a row, we’re celebrating by responding to the haters in the comments below. May the odds ever be in your favor.”

When one fan commented, “Your admin is mid,” to which Cincinnati swiftly replied, “My guy…. Try harder next time.”

Another fan posed a serious question, “Which is better, curly or waffle fries?” The Bengals responded with a simple “curly,” accompanied by an image of Joe Burrow sporting his curly hairdo.

When a fan stated, “My birthday was yesterday 5/23 > 5/24,” Cincinnati shot back with, “nobody asked.”

A Lions fan tried to taunt them with, “You guys suck lions own you,” and the Bengals coolly corrected, “Punctuation is key, my guy.”

A fan named Drew quipped, “Can’t spell Bengals without an L,” to which Cincinnati shot, “Can’t spell Drew without ‘ew’.”

Here’s a few more:

The NFL is undoubtedly a game of aggression and rigor, but the Bengals have made their case that taking a few jabs at the fans only makes them fan-favorite. This light-hearted approach is a moment of applause, showcasing the team’s ability to engage with their fanbase.

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