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Brendan Rice Remembers 90s NBA Legend Who Was a “Personality” Like Caleb Williams

Ayush Juneja

Caleb Williams with his girlfriend and mother.

Caleb Williams has gotten a lot of flak for his on and off-field behavior and has been called a diva. From crying on the field to wearing pink gloss and nail polish, he has been ridiculed for his flamboyant personality. However, his USC teammate and son of HOF wideout Jerry Rice, Brendan Rice defended him and set the record straight.

While speaking with TMZ Sports, Rice asserted that Williams has a unique persona and he is a character who attracts opinions from every corner because we are living in the age of social media. He compared his situation to that of 5-time NBA Champion Dennis Rodman, who was known for his erratic flamboyant behavior, and his love for tattoos and piercings for which he was thoroughly criticized. But Rice felt if Rodman was doing all that during this age of social media, he would have been raked over the coals.

USC receiver stressed that as long as he is secure with his manhood and prioritizes the game of football, his organization, and his teammates first, no one should know what he does in his personal life because Williams is one of the best teammates. He stated,

” He is a personality, man. We’re in a social media day and age so a lot of things that are going on, people are going to have opinions about. Dennis Rodman came up in this era and he was doing things that he did there would be a lot more criticism. If he is comfortable in his masculinity and going ahead and making sure that he is putting the game of football first as well as his teammates and organization, I don’t care what he does outside of football. I’ve been around the dude, he’s a great freaking person and a hell of a teammate.

Brendan would relish a chance to connect with USC QB again, and he might get his wish if Chicago picks an OT in the 1st round and then moves to pick a receiver with their remaining picks.

Brendan Rice On His Chance to Team Up With Caleb Williams

Having a familiar face to link up with certainly helps a player make a switch from college to pros. There is an undeniable chemistry, with the players on a similar wavelength. And Brendan Rice too would love to be with the Williams in Chicago. He stated it would be just like USC days, only better because there would be nothing besides football to focus on, and feels he and Caleb can replicate what Brady and Gronk achieved together at Patriots and then in Tampa.

Rice, has been projected as 3rd or 4th round pick by the scouts. If Williams feels, his gameplay can benefit from having Brendan in the squad, the Bears might use their 3rd or 4th round pick to get him. They do need a receiver with Keenan Allen already over 30 with a history of injuries, Rice could be a perfect weapon for them. He is a prospect who still needs time to grow and remove the weaknesses from his game. Sitting behind Allen and Moore might help his growth before becoming a starter. Having the Rice name is already a bonus for any team that drafts him.

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Ayush Juneja

Ayush Juneja


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