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Brittany Mahomes Pours Love on Husband Patrick After Breaking Into SI Swimsuit World in Grand Style

Aniket Srivastava

Brittany Mahomes’ Expresses Immense Love For Husband Patrick Mahomes Upon Role Reversal At SI Swimsuit Debut

Brittany Mahomes has always been a spectacular cheerleader to her quarterback husband, and it’s now time for Patrick Mahomes to return the favor for his swimsuit model wife. With her SI Swimsuit debut, Brittany has really come into her own and is basking in the glory of her own accomplishments. And her husband is right beside her, cheering her on, and she couldn’t be more grateful for his support.

Just as Brittany takes pride in her husband’s achievements, the Chiefs QB is showering her with love and praise for her latest achievement. The couple recently attended the launch party of the SI swimsuit on its 60th anniversary issue in New York City.

Both of them looked stunning together, however, this time Brittany overshadowed the Chiefs’ star quarterback, as the cameras focused on her while she posed gracefully. A moment where Mahomes can be seen admiring the woman he loves on the sidelines captured not only the hearts of fans but also the woman in question as she shared:

The sweet moment got captured on video and went viral, where Patrick Mahomes seems to be lost in admiration of his wife, as she gets all the spotlight she deserves. A clip, posted by Sports Illustrated on Instagram, shows Brittany posing for the cameras, while Patrick Mahomes quietly stands out of the frame with his eyes fixated on his beautiful wife.

While Brittany might have missed the loving gesture made by her husband during the event, she definitely saw the video later and didn’t waste a single minute to share it on her Instagram story.

Patrick and Brittany Mahomes are one of the most beloved power couples of the NFL and have been together for more than a decade. The couple is not only the most beloved, but they are also super supportive of each other, which helps to further increase their popularity among fans. And as fans gushed about this particular touching moment between the lovely couple, they also got a shoutout from another friend.

Brittany Gets a Shoutout from Kelly Stafford

Complements from the fans came rushing to the couple once their adorable video went viral. Among those fans was Rams QB Matthew Stafford‘s wife Kelly, who acknowledged the role reversal and complimented Brittany by sharing her video on her IG story and wrote a lovely caption stating, “I love this role reversal! Get it girl!!!”

While Brittany Mahomes wore a sexy red swimsuit for her SI photo shoot, at the launch party, she looked breathtaking in a dress adorned with shiny floral designs. Her dress had a halter neck covering the top and her gown’s skirt had hanging flowers, ending at her gold open-toe heels.

She accessorized with silver jewelry and carried a small silver tote with gold details. Brittany kept her makeup simple with her long blonde tresses perfectly complimenting her outfit.

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