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Caleb Williams Reveals He Is More Calculative While Following in the Footsteps of Lamar Jackson Financially

Anushree Gupta

Caleb Williams Reveals He Is More Calculative While Following in the Footsteps of Lamar Jackson Financially

Caleb Williams is poised to become the highest-paid rookie this year after being picked number one overall by the Chicago Bears. Yet, in a move that matches the path of NFL star Lamar Jackson, Williams has refrained from hiring an agent to do his bidding. This bold decision has undoubtedly intrigued many in the sports world, including ‘The Pivot Podcast‘ host, Ryan Clark.

During the podcast, Williams delved into his journey and future aspirations in the NFL. Meanwhile, he also candidly discussed his choice to manage his career without an agent, a topic that host Ryan Clark was keen to explore.

Clark brought up Lamar Jackson’s similar decision, highlighting the challenges Jackson faced, including criticism for not securing a deal quickly. Williams explained his reasoning, saying,

“There’s something that everybody says, and as y’all know; no matter how many games you win, no matter how good you are, no matter all of that, the NFL is still put together as a business. And so am I,” followed by, “I don’t have an agent; I have other things in place. I have my lawyers, my attorneys, my financial advisor, my accountants, my marketing, my PR, and crisis management. I have it all. It’s just the label of an agent that’s not there.”

But Caleb Williams is confident about his setup. The Bears quarterback explained that he has adequate personnel in place, which includes five lawyers. He also reassured everyone by saying that he has everything well calculated and laid out.

While Williams’ explanation seemed fulfilling up to a point, Lamar Jackson’s lack of an agent formed another intriguing story last year when the two-time MVP decided to test the waters of free agency.

Lamar Jackson Secured a Highly Lucrative Contract Without an Agent

The Baltimore Ravens quarterback has always been a maverick in his approach and his gameplay, which translated to his career decisions as well. He famously decided to negotiate his new contract without the assistance of an agent, relying instead on his own instincts and the support of his mother.

As expected, he faced significant scrutiny and skepticism from the NFL world. However, Jackson’s intent successfully secured him a monumental deal with the Ravens, proving that even unconventional methods can still yield exceptional results.

In April 2023, Jackson landed a five-year, $260 million contract with the Ravens, including $185 million in guaranteed money. This was a significant upgrade from the previous offer reports, which suggested he had been offered a five-year, $250 million contract with $133 million guaranteed.

By negotiating without an agent, Jackson not only proved his doubters wrong but also saved a considerable amount of money. As per reports, agents typically receive between 1.5% and 3% of a contract’s value. And for Jackson, it meant a saving of up to $7.8 million by handling negotiations himself.

Williams, however, has taken a notably more calculative approach. Like Jackson, Williams does not have a traditional NFL agent, but he has built an extensive support network comprising lawyers, financial advisors, accountants, and marketing experts, which could still help him take control of his negotiations with all the necessary support in the world.

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