Cameron Clark Injury Update: New York Jets Lineman Taken Off Field By Ambulance After Scary Neck Injury, Robert Saleh Calls Off Practice

Snehith Vemuri
|Published 03/08/2021

It’s been a wild day of training camp around the NFL, to say the least. Unfortunately for the Jets and Cameron Clark, some scary injury news has come out of New York.

The Jets’ New York counterparts got the day off to a start after a huge brawl erupted at camp. It involved, well basically the whole team, and HC Joe Judge was expectedly less than amused. For more on that situation, you can click here.

After the Giants incident, the Panthers found themselves in the middle of some unwanted drama. JT Ibe hit Keith Kirkwood in the head during practice, which eventually led to Kirkwood being carted off the field and Ibe getting waived, likely jeopardizing the rest of his career.

Cameron Clark Taken Off Field In Ambulance

As if that wasn’t enough for one day, the Jets were forced to call off today’s practice after a freak injury to OL Cameron Clark. Clark, who’s in his second year with the Jets, went down with a severe neck injury towards the end of practice.

He was taken off the field on a spine board, before an ambulance arrived to immediately take him to the hospital. Reporters at the field say that Clark was motionless for a few minutes, prior to the arrival of the ambulance.

The current condition of Clark is unknown, with HC Robert Saleh saying that the team themselves will only find out more in a few hours.

It’s a situation you never want to see in sports, much less at training camp, but for now the NFL world will certainly get together and hope for the best.

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