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Colin Cowherd Gets a Taste of What Travis Kelce Goes Through for Dating Taylor Swift

Anushree Gupta

Colin Cowherd Gets a Taste of What Travis Kelce Goes Through for Dating Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s high-profile status has often made her a target for unwanted attention. Unsurprisingly, this also leads to security concerns that extend beyond her personal life. Even Travis Kelce had to navigate these challenges firsthand, as far as switching houses to ensure enhanced security. However, it appears that the ripples of her celebrity status are not exclusive to the couple. Recently, sports commentator Colin Cowherd discussed a similar incident that could have turned sideways very fast.

Colin recounted an unsettling encounter at his Rhode Island residence, where he found a girl camping outside his driveway in a car. He initially approached the stranger and asked her what she was doing there. With the stranger’s dog barking in the background, she likely made up an excuse and responded that she wanted to know if Colin’s house was for sale.

Right there and then, the sportscaster knew that he was getting robbed, and her boyfriend was already inside his house. He immediately called 911, and the response time was more than noteworthy since three cop cars came flying, saving the day.

What made the incident particularly noteworthy was Cowherd’s revelation that Taylor Swift resided just ten houses away from his own. The proximity to Swift’s expansive beach house, known for its grandeur and A-list gatherings, made him realize his neighborhood was indeed coveted and not immune to such incidents. Furthermore, he also quipped about the potential impact of Swift’s presence in a neighborhood.

Taylor Swift had a luxurious beach house in Rhode Island — a 12,000-square-foot property with seven bedrooms, eight fireplaces, a glorious pool, and shoreline views extending 700 feet.

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift Navigate Relationship Around Security Concerns

While Colin dealt with an uninvited guest only once, it hasn’t been the same for Taylor Swift. The 14-time Grammy winner has had her share of stalkers, which led to her taking extreme precautions. Her boyfriend Travis Kelce is also among the affected since his former abode in Kansas City wasn’t very gated and fans started camping outside of his house for a glimpse of the pop sensation.

This is the exact reason why the Chiefs’ star took a significant step in 2023 by purchasing a $6 million mansion in Kansas City in a gated neighborhood. But to his surprise, the first day he moved into the house, an uninvited guest knocked on the window.

It’s also worth mentioning that earlier in February, Kelce opted for a unique accommodation strategy during the Super Bowl to avoid stalkers during one of the most significant moments in his career. While his teammates rested at the Westin Lake Las Vegas Resort & Spa, Kelce resided in a villa in ‘The Estates at Reflection Bay,’ a gated community known for its luxurious properties.

Despite the chaos, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce have made sure to be present for each other as much as it takes. The two have not only been visibly supporting each other’s professional lives but have also found time for romantic outings amidst their commitments. As they navigate their relationship, the two might see more such steps to safeguard their privacy.

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